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Bush accuses Miller of “hypocrisy”

Ezzard Miller

Ezzard Miller

Premier McKeeva Bush has accused North Side MLA Ezzard Miller of hypocrisy and double standards, after revealing that Mr Miller had attempted hire workers from Cuba and the Dominican Republic for the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.
Last week, during the debate on Amendment No. 5 to the Immigration Law 2011, Mr Bush tabled emails which purportedly showed Mr Miller’s intent to recruit foreign workers for the hotel project.
“He wants Caymanians to believe that he wants nobody else to work in Cayman, yet he was to hire hundreds of Cuban and Santa Domingo workers to work at the Ritz-Carlton.
They are talking about honest integrity, but there is lack of it in their actions. That is the kind of hypocrisy of the year,” said Mr Bush.
“As soon as you put something forward, it is a conflict of interest or it is a lack of integrity or there is some bad meaning, pushed (sic) to it by that member. He is one of the biggest culprits. Did he not have an employment service of some kind in this country?” Mr Bush asked, while moving the motion.
In one of the emails, made available to Cayman Net News, Ms Blake appeared to be following up with Mr Miller on hospitality schools in Cuba that would have trained workers for the hotel.

Premier Bush

Premier McKeeva Bush

Making to his contribution to the Immigration Amendment Bill, Mr Miller noted that he was concerned with some provisions of the law that allowed for some foreigners owning a mere 10 per cent of a company to be granted permanent residence in the Cayman Islands.
He also objected to the provision that foreigners who owned the said 10 per cent of the business could still work in it.

Mr Miller had suggested that the permanent residency provision was allowing people “to come through the back door, while avoiding the scrutiny of the work permit processes.”
The immigration amendments allow for a category of  foreigners who have a substantial business presence in the Cayman Islands and  people of independent means to apply for permanent residency for life, rather than 25 years. This is after they have invested $750,000 in a property and have an income of over $150,000 per annum.



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  • nonymous

    Mr. Miller need to respond to this allegation and clear this up. this is a blow below the torso.

  • anonymous

    Why do they have to invest in property Mr. Bush, is it because you are a realtor? what is wrong with you Mr. Bush,why don’t you stop right in your tracks and mend your ways?

    There is need for us to have investors in other busines projects other than real estate- property.

    Stop putting this country up for sale!

  • Steve Burke

    What a shame Cayman doesn’t have a version of Ron Paul, a politician with a 30 year track record of telling the truth.


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