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Term Limit Review Committee proposes abolition of key employee

The Term Limit Review Committee, appointed by the government in September last year to review the controversial term limit policy for foreign workers in the Cayman Islands, has recommended moving the term limit from seven to 10 years and doing away with the key employee provision in the current immigration law.

The report was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, 15 June.

The recommendation is for a fixed term limit of 10 years and “that if a person has not obtained the right to permanently reside, they will have to leave the jurisdiction for a minimum of not less than one year.”

The proposal to abolish the key employee mechanism is on the grounds that “it creates an unsatisfactory and artificial vetting system for long-term residents, which is effectively controlled by employers and is unfair to employees.”

Under the recommendations, all foreign workers would be able to apply for the right to reside permanently in the islands, between year 7 and 8.

The committee’s recommendations also call for the term limit to be implemented for expatriate employees working in the public sector “to ensure there is a level playing field”.

In presenting the report to the Legislative Assembly, Premier McKeeva Bush, stated that the document had not yet been accepted by Cabinet, but the public will be asked to provide feedback on the recommendations.

“Given the high profile nature of this subject and to ensure openness and transparency within my government, I am tabling this report today in order to provide the public with an opportunity to review and provide comments,” the Premier stated in the Legislative Assembly on Friday.



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  • anonymous

    Anyone that has lived overseas should honestly make every effort to protect Caymanians from this dangerous OMOV. Dr. McField a Sociologist should lead the way, and is duly qualified to explain why, but chose not to because of political self interest. Its time politicians tell the truth and lets see how many of them are willing to sign a sworn affidavit to the truth in detail, about what really happens where the one man one vote is the system of voting is concerned and exactly where it will really take Caymanians. Does anyone have any idea why we now have Little Haiti and Little Havana in Miami, Florida? It is a direct result of the electoral boundary system that pushed these national demographics to the very top of the political power once held by Americans! They have elected themselves into government and they are” in charge,” they have changed the local people’s history and now there is; A Haitian Mayor in N. Miami, and dozens of Cuban Legislators looking out for Cubans who rule Miami Florida with an iron hand. These people are immigrants from Communist Cuba IN CHARGE OF US local and state GOVERNMENT! I say this without bias or prejudice in hope of showing Caymanians the true picture of what they are facing with this rushed OMOV petition that should be replaced by a NATIONAL VOTE that has no restrictions on voters or where they live and who they can vote for. Americans are now the Indians on a reservations and almost a dirty word, because of electoral boundary division, they can’t even get a job! These new national demographics people have full control of the local and state commerce and they have the jobs tied up! Because they are now the GOVERNMENT! THAT IS WHAT ELECTORAL BOUNDARIES WILL DO FOR CAYMAN if you follow Mr. Ezzard Miller and Arden Mclean who do not know what life is in another country. You cannot listen to people who have their own interest in mind! They have never lived in a fully operational single member constituency where the entire country is governed by, only in their little district. That is not enough experience, to push this OMOV down the people’s throats. Are you ready for expats to force Caymanians to change our constitution on qualifying for office because they are greater in numbers? They always get what they want, do you really think you will stop them on this one? Think again… Is getting rid of the premier and 3 West Bayers more important than keeping political control in the hands of Caymanians? I hope I don’t have to come back with I TOLD YOU SO! ON JULY 18TH, VOTE NO!

  • Regina Ecclefield

    “I say this without bias or prejudice” . . . really???? Might want to check the facts again. Can’t speak for others, but I think the problem with Native Americans (Indians is deregatory) has no historical bearing on the situation in the Cayman Islands. While I think there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument, misrepretation will not help anyone.

  • anonymous

    This is not misrepresentation. It is the truth, this is what is happening all over the world where governments make quick decisions, and the people suffer regretting it later on in life. Then its too late.

    This OMOV not passing is the best thing ever happened to Caymanians in a long time.
    Itf it had passed it would be the worst thing ever happened. Ezzard & Arden is only looking out for themselves! you really think he cares about people that much? think again. Its all about ‘AW;D!”


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