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Low turnout blights historic referendum

Opposition leader Hon Alden McLaughlin has his credentials checked at the voting station ant Prospect Primary School

Some 57 percent of the Cayman Islands electorate turned out to the polls on this past Wednesday in the historic single-issue referendum called to ascertain whether the country would change its electoral system to one of single member constituencies and one man, one vote.

The turnout proved difficult for the yes vote to achieve the 50 per cent plus one of registered voters, or the 7,562 votes that would be required for the referendum to carry. In the final tally, only 8,677 votes were cast, and a significant majority, well over two thirds representing 5,631, voted yes for a change to one man, one vote. Some 3,001 no votes were cast. This represents 37.14 per cent of registered voters who polled in favour and 19.79 per cent against.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller, who presides over a single member constituency and who led the charge for one man, one vote was pleased with the 70 per cent turnout from his district, the highest in the islands. Of the 398 persons who voted in North Side, 335 polled in favour of one man, one vote. Only 56 persons voted against the proposal.

Speaking on Thursday morning to Rooster radio, Mr Miller expressed his gratitude to the people of his district for their support. He also lauded the Elections Office for the smooth and professional conduct of the referendum in the district and throughout the islands.

In East End, the only other single member constituency in the country, MLA Arden McLean, who was also at the forefront of the one man, one vote movement, could be similarly pleased with the result from his district. Of 337 votes cast in East End, 257 voted in favour, with only 79 against.

“I am so proud of all the young people who were part of the one man, one vote committee,” Mr McLean told Rooster radio on Thursday morning. “They are going to take this country forward and I will do all I can to ensure that they occupy that bit of real estate in the centre of George Town,” he said in reference to the Legislative Assembly.

Voters in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman gave a slight edge to the yes vote, with 256 polling in favour and 203 against, from the 463 who went to the polls.

In the largest district of George Town, those who went to the polls were clearly in favour of change, with 2,360 voting in favour and 993 voting against, out of 3,391 who participated.

In the premier’s district of West Bay, the result was a statistical dead heat. Of 2,102 who went to the polls, 1,027 voted for and 1,053 voted against. Both the premier and the UDP were opposed to one man, one vote and led a campaign for persons to vote no.

In an election exercise that was generally incident-free, only 45 ballots were rejected.



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  • anonymous

    This is exactly what I am talking about. Did you hear what Quincy Brown said on Cayman Radio just now on Talk Today?. That foreigners will demand to take over, and run for office in our country? they do not want to have their children wait their turn.!
    A Caymanian that is born to a Caymanian parent is eligible to run for office. NOT SOMEONE THAT HAS BEEN NATURALISED!

    Steve McField please get on the air and correct this You did not say enough about this on ysterday, you too seem to be afraid to discuss this, Will you boldly state the case please?and how to protect our freedoms and moralss from becoming poluted by foreign infiltration becoming another Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Quincy on talk today, confirmed what Cayman’s intelligent people with a keen eye, have been saying, and he also added that already these people are organising themselves to demand the right to run our country and will approach the governor!!!!????. ‘BASED ON TIME SPENT HERE!!! Its time to shorten the work permit to two years. We donot need more people, we are too small, we need capital projects that will employ caymanians permanently not termporarily.
    So we must present our case to the governor as well as the UK as to what we will and will not accept that will forever destroy the minds of our children.
    Too many of these people are on assignment from the UK, the US and Canada be careful how you distribute Cayman Status, as they are here to push the liberal agenda and polute our constitution.These people from these countries are very corrupt and far left most of them are sleepers waiting for the bill of rights to show up themselves with their cesspool agenda.
    work on our immigration laws, keep the rollover policy, and when their work permit is finished whether one year or 2 yearsl They must go home. We are too small to bring the whole world here. We don’t need an OMOV we need an Immigration Petition against this madness that is threatening Caymanian freedom of religion and the polution of our moral principles.
    Be on guard!

    • Apprentice

      Florence, how is an immigration matter has anything to do with an electoral boundary matter??? What you’re talking about has to do with immigration law not electoral districts. It doesnt matter the size a district is. The immigration law is what needs to be amended if it is giving to many foreignors power. I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Your argument that electoral system alone like this one would cause us an invasion, is I think, rediculous


    Congratulation Caymanians, even be anonymous but express and stand for the future of the coming generations. Caymans Islands are too small just like San Andres Islands, we are suffering you´re fear, the overpopulation with the differences that only Caymanians decide and vote. Still we have historical connections.
    Don´t allow the government to give away people dreams to the foreigners, works permits should be granted only for 1 year, leave the back door open is bad, the immigration policies have to be clear and guarantee Caymanian survival in their own land.
    The Premier can´t be over the people determination in to protect they ancestral rights.


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