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Free motion fitness…sounds tempting?

Manuela Nemes, Fitness Expert

Functional exercises are designed to increase muscle strength, balance, coordination and agility. Once in a while, try performing exercises that resemble to everyday movements so that the body will increase its strength while doing these actions. Unlike other machines you can perform virtually any movement pattern due to the pivoting arms, swivelling pulley and extensive cable travel. They are also adaptable to any person’s height, weight, length of limbs than the regular machines which are more limited to an average body type.

Some of the Free Motion Fitness Machines might look intimidating at first, or make you think of a science fiction movie, but in reality, with the help of a personal trainer, they are fun to use, less boring and push your imagination to almost an unlimited variety of exercises. As a rule of thumb, always engage your core when you are involved in activities that require additional stabilisation, such as movements in different planes, twists or one limb exercises. While performing some of the exercises, it will be easier to imagine that you have dumbbells by your sides rather than cables or you are using the regular pulley multistation.

My most dedicated client in the last few months, Mrs Esther Tatum, demonstrates for us a few of these total body exercises. While some of the movements can be replaced with body weight and dumbbells, the difference in using the pulley is that the tension remains constant during the movement.

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