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Swimming association establishes records for local athletes

CIASA Technical Director, Coach Ian Armiger.

The Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming has announced that it has established new, all inclusive CIASA swimming records.

“With the assistance of CIASA director Adrien Royston, we are delighted to release the first set of CIASA swimming records,” said President Peter Mackay. “This is something which our new technical director Ian Armiger has been instrumental in introducing and these records will now make it easier for us to produce a comprehensive listing of rankings and of national records as well,” he concluded.

To hold a CIASA record, the swimmer must be a CIASA registered member and/or competes under a CIASA recognised club, or participates is CIASA designated meet (must meet FINA Officiating Standards) or in overseas licensed meets.

“This has not been an easy task,” said Coach Ian Armiger. “The records are posted on the CIASA website www.ciasa.ky and are listed by age group, event, club, meet the record was set in etc. As can be expected, when going back through historical documents to develop records such as these, we may have made some mistakes. We hope that all CIASA members – past and present – will review the records and if they see any inaccuracies will let me know so that they can be corrected.”

Once the CIASA SC and LC records are compiled we will then use them as a reference from which we can develop the listing of National Records. The national records criteria will be the same with the exception that to hold a national record the athlete must also be Caymanian.

“I would like to thank Coach Ian and CIASA director Adrien Royston for the time they have spent putting these records together,” said Mr Mackay. “Reviewing historical data, compiling it and checking it over and over is a time consuming job but having these records – and ultimately the rankings – will help move the sport of swimming to one which is transparent and affords all competitive swimmers, registered with CIASA and swimming for a recognised club the opportunity to see how they rate compared to their competition,” he added



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