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Premier McKeeva Bush released on police bail

Premier McKeeva Bush

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) confirmed late this afternoon that Premier McKeeva Bush has been released from custody following a series of interviews.

Mr Bush has been placed on overnight police bail and will return to face further questioning tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 12 December 2012).

The Premier was arrested this morning on suspicion of theft and allegations of breaches of the Anti-corruption Act.


Another arrest made

Cayman Net News understands that a  second man has been arrested at his George Town home  this evening in connection with the ongoing investigation regarding importation of dynamite, which involves the Premier of the Cayman Islands, McKeeva Bush. The man is detained in police custody.

The man has been arrested on suspicion of Breach of trust, Abuse of office and Conflict of interest (contrary to Sections 13, 17 and 19 of the Anti-Corruption Law 2008 respectively) and inciting a breach of the corruption law. Enquiries are ongoing.



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  • anonymouos


    This is a very sad day for the Cayman Islands. This is not the time to take a critical position of rejoicing at a man’s misfortune in his day of adversity.

    There are still those among us that are concerned for what happened to the Honorable Premier McKeeva Bush on yesterday morning.

    I as a Caymanian,It is with great concern as I witness this sad occurrence that
    is so harmful to the Cayman Islands and to Mr. Bush himself as he is a human being just like the rest of us. We are also concerned for the premier’s safety and his family as well.

    Unlike the naysayers who rejoice at the downfall of another. I do not partake in
    rejoicing at someone’s downfall whether they are wrong or right. God is the ultimate judge, and He will make the final decision.

    even though the governor assured everyone that the take down of Michael Missick is unrelated to the arrest of our own Premier Honorable McKeeva Bush;As a Caymanian, versed in the UK’s dirty tactics and their subtle, and underground operations, I am most concerned for Mr. Bush’s safety and well being and so should every Caymanian as well.He is one of us regardless of what is going on in his life.

    We now have a constitution and a bill of rights enacted in 2012 (November) to be exact.

    Unlike many ignorant Caymanians, the liberals are unceasingly lobbying the UK, and the EU to push for gay rights for lesbians, homosexuals, transgenders, gay marriage, abortion and every corrupt lifestyle that can be conceived seeking legislation to accommodate it all birthed from their liberal agenda. The UK in turn is the home of liberalism of the basest sort and has been pressuring Mr. Bush to force his hand to install their liberal pipeline of sewage through the territories to meet the demands
    of special interest sleepers that live among the innocent simple minded people in the territories,such as our beloved isle the Cayman Islands.

    We have been far too trusting of these new comers into our island. Most of them are only using the Premier, and afterwards; hang him out to dry. He must be leery of
    who he trusts and befriends. Its time to stop doing favors for these people and begin to focus on our people.

    The public should keep a keen eye on things to ensue the safety of the Premier demanding answers from the Governor and the RCIP to ensure his continued safety as these investigations continue. We do not want any more surprises.

    The RCIP and the Governor must be aware that the Government is fully responsible for ensuring the safety of the Premier as a high profile individual a government official, and are mandated by the Caymanian people to ensure that the Premier and his family are “SAFE” at all times.

    We have taken note on the recent unprecedented announcement on this week of the unaccepted condition of the prison and the also recent complaint of the Commissioner of Police that the Central RCIP Lockup is also an unsafe place to retain individuals.

    Therefore the public will be keeping a watchful eye to see just how well the Premier will be accommodated while being held for questioning during this investigation from time to time.

    Therefore in my opinion a high ranking official under house arrest would be in a safer position than being held in any two of the government locations for remand accommodation.

    Mfr. Bush has done nothing different from other legislators in the past.

    However, his safety is of paramount importance. RCIP AND the governor must assure the public that the Honorable Premier is safe and has the security detail necessary to protect himself and his family.

    It is common knowledge that the Premier is a “Thorn” in the side of the UK government
    where their liberal agenda for the territories is concerned therefore we are not too surprised at this sad news

    But lets be clear the UK is anxious to take down the premier as he has been the great pillar standing in the way of the UK and the EU spreading their liberal ideologies that promotes homosexuality, gay and lesbianism, transgenderism, gay marriage, abortion, dissolution of Christianity and a cult take over as well as abolishing traditional family values..The UK is now a liberal jungle that embraces such disgraceful and liberal ideologies which is against the Godly and conservative christian culture of the people of the Cayman Islands..

    The PPM leader Mr. Alden McLaughlin will never stand up to the UK on these serious issues facing our constitution and bill of rights when the UK decides to strike us with them. And when the sleepers in our midst invade us at midnight on these issues

    as we keep granting them work permits and Cayman Status they bring their
    liberal agenda with them to destroy our beloved Cayman Isle..

    Mr.Ezzard Miler is the other choice but he too will be challenged to answer what is his stance on these serious liberal issues facing this territory and how he would handle the UK on this, and will he?..

    If you understand political science as I and others do, you will indeed take careful note that we have now a new constitution and more importantly a ‘BILL OF RIGHTS.”
    Trust me there are liberal sleepers, lobbying the UK on their liberal
    agenda seeking to push it through. Moreover, the UK must get Bush out of
    the way in order to see this through. You have no idea just how tough Mr. McKeeva Bush is on these issues as he fights the UK on this front saving our children from being swallowed up by the destruction of this liberal agenda sweeping the nations in search of a license to condone an alternate lifestyle of everything we were taught not to believe and not to accept as a way of life.

    However, if Bush is to be replaced we will heavily vet those who seek to replace him.
    I invite the premier speak to the people, and also state his feelings and his intentions,

    There is a surprising amount of concern and sympathy for the Premier coming from even opponents who refuse to join the bandwagon of people rejoicing at the Premier’s mishap, and he is still supported despite the situation hanging over his head..People still love the premier and wish him and his family well whatever he decides to do it is his perogative.


    We love you Mr. Bush God bless you and we will continue to pray for you.
    Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

    Rejoice NOT
    when thine enemy falleth, (into this mischief), and let not thine
    heart be glad when he stumbleth – When he meets with any thing that
    injures him; for God will not have thee to avenge thyself, or feel any
    disposition contrary to love; for if thou do, the Lord will be angry,
    and may turn away his wrath from him, and pour it out on thee.( YOU)

    This I believe to be the true sense of these verses: but we must return to
    the sixteenth, as that has been most sinfully misrepresented.

    For a just man falleth seven times – That is, say many, “the most righteous
    man in the world sins seven times a day on an average.”

  • Lillie Lang

    The world and the caribbean stand still when this happened to Turks and Caicos and did not even look at the other side of the story and how the British are behaving, passing laws to get the conviction they want while they give the British Governor immutity who was involved and signed everything. All I can say is that the examples from Turks remains here how we are presently being treated. If you want your country and respect for you people you would keep a close check on the British “For no one is as corrupt as they are” we have seen it here in the TCI. So it time to come together and fight, to much injustices goin on, Lord have mercy.

  • anonymouos

    The Cayman Islands is in direct competition with the British government in the Financial Industry. It is in their interest to destroy the financial industry in Cayman inorder to transfer clients and totally destroy the Cayman Islands. they call that corruption. Mr. Bush was building Cayman as another Dubai in the Caribbean.
    The Brits can’t have that. They are a trip. Colonial Slave master rule!

    Try to run away and they beat you.

  • Franz

    Politicians all over the world are corrupt! Thats a proven fact! And, as I have lived 10 Yrs in the Caymans , I know! that Cayman has its share of corrupton, be it businesswise or in matters of Immigration (“Status” is all I can say) Mr. Bush has had very different views on politics when he first entered politics and soon changed when he became a man in charge…has anyone in the islands ever thought of that? Cayman is all about MONEY, and where money is, is corruption. Where is lot of money, there is lot! of corruption. People, just let the law do its work, time will tell. Greetings, Franz

  • anonymouos

    Based on some of the arrogant comments I have been reading in CNS. IT APPEARS that the serpents in the legal profession seeking to take business outside the Cayman Islands so they can enrich themselves, while they impoverish the economy of the Cayman Islands maybe somewhere in this mix!

    There has been some very prejudiced and disrespectful national slurs cited against our local attorneys, Ms. Sherri Bodden Cowan, Mrs. Theresa Pitcairn, and Mr. Steve McField for spearheading the amendment to the proposed Legal Practitioners Bill.These three son and daughters of the soil have put forward this bill for legislation to be passed.
    If the unscrupulous legal pundits should have their own way. The end result would be that not only will take a lot of business be exported away from the Cayman Islands, but also taking with it billions of dollars in revenue. Our local attorneys are to be commended for taking the stand against this and we need to give them our support and respond with input before the deadline in January. This too seems to be one of the undercurrent that appears to have contributed to the attack on our premier as he vowed to pass the law to benefit and ensure the employment of Caymanian lawyers. Is it Sabotage?!
    Again, its time to put the brakes on importing attorneys from outside the Cayman Islands and make room for our own Caymanian ‘Attorneys. Its time to put away that bottle of suicidal pills and come off the pipe!


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