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Governor “Vindictive” Premier says

Cayman Islands Premier Mckeeva Bush briefly spoke to reporters in Jamaica on Thursday regarding the events of his arrest and all that unfolded during the week.

The Premier has stated that the Governor of the islands is “vindictive” and is trying to damage him politically.

Premier Bush was invited to give the commencement address to students at Jamaica’s University College of the Caribbean on Thursday.



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  • Sharon

    Our government, and in particular, McKeeva, seem to conveniently forget that the Cayman Islands is a Crown Colony and answer to the government of the UK. The Governor, is here to ensure that the Islands are governed according to the laws of the UK, not at the whim of McKeeva and his gang.

    If McKeeva had behaved himself and not done anything illegal, which I would get arrested and jailed for, he would not be in his current situation.

  • Dr.Florence Goring-Nozza,D.D

    No one knows what the real truth is,.If you are a lawyer or not, usually legal pundits would be more professional and refer to past cases of false arrest that resulted in with no real evidence of wrong doing. with no proof of the individual being guilty “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.”
    The reckless handling of operation “Tempura” , the false arrest of Justice Henderson and Deputy Comm. Police Rudy Dixon, and Inspector Berman Scott; COST the Cayman Islands Public purse millions of dollars. These were destroyed for no reason and these were all trumped up charges, ending on a bridge to “No where!” All three of the accused but “Not charged ” an were all compensated millions of dollars for false accusation..

    Have you considered that Premier Bush as an individual with a tenacity that is unusually strong, brilliant and defiant.
    If the public purse was tipped over paying out millions of dollars to the Judge and the Caymanian Deputy Comm of Police Dixon; then you should be very concerned that if the Premier is not charged that he will indeed seek damages in dollars amounting to not millions, but Billions of dollars in compensation as the damages to his character and person are almost irreparable and permanent.

    It will be a big hit to the public purse and the Premier will go as far as he will to seek damages against him.

  • anonymouos

    Educated and informed Caymanians are not fooled by The news media responsible for doing a good job of acting as a UK agent to “Destroy high profile Caymanians.”
    A true statement. in my opinion there are MIT’s planted in pretty much every Media outlet in the territories to ensure the people are confused, divided and conquered!

    They are here! British voices everywhere,intercepting anything and everything. Even making comments, on every media outlet, Cayman 27, CNS, Compass, even Talk Today! This behavior happens when there is an external probe. Even though the governor states its an RCIP investigation, I’m too smart a cookie to buy his baloney.
    Its no coincidence! Caymanians who care about their freedom must not be brain washed by these who seek to take over the Cayman Islands with their obsession for colonial slave master control over the in inhabitants always targeting the native chief.. our Premier this time around. We have not forgotten the history of the Brits how they have always harshly treated the people and leaders of the elected government.
    The governor needs to understand that there are well educated Caymanians that know exactly what is happening behind the scenes and it makes no sense to try to hide and cover it up like they did Tempura I.
    this is Tempura II and it will cost the cayman government and the UK government ‘BILLIONS”

    The case was tried for the explosives two weeks ago excluding any mention of the Premier. How can they arrest him for involvement in a case that was closed where another person was already charged and fined to pay a couple of hundred dollars.
    This is a smoke screen to stop people from voting in Bush but it will not work, the brilliant ones amongst us will teach the rest of us exactly what is happening and where it all originated. Not everyone is scared of the UK.
    Its a bold takeover, and the Premier is the guinea pig! The man has not been charged with anything stop celebrating prematurely and sentencing the premier in the court of a confused and Divided Court of public opinion! We are smarter than that.


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