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Hope and change

It’s that time – the beginning of a new year – when the sentiments for change, renewal and the realisation of new dreams are on everyone’s lips. These are embodied in the wishes we hold for ourselves and those we extend to others.

As we do so, we are also apt to reflect on the year past, to dwell on the things that did not work out well, or else to dismiss them and move on.

We all continue to embrace the hope that a new year brings and we expect that our circumstances will change for the better, if we put our best efforts into making that happen.

Coming off an economically challenging year and a politically dramatic one in the Cayman Islands, it may be understandable that hope and change should be even more overriding themes in our discourse at this time.

No doubt most of us are hoping for a change in our financial fortunes this year and in the years ahead, as we continue to experience the belt-tightening that has been a fact of life over several years now. As we watch our giant neighbour to the north with its fiscal cliff negotiations, it has been sometimes quite difficult to hold out hope, given the wrenching effects of politics on the very economic issues that affect people’s daily lives.

Here at home, we find ourselves in the unprecedented position of having an interim government, at least for the next three months until the Legislative Assembly is dissolved in preparation for general elections in May. We do not know how much the five former UDP members who now make up the elected Cabinet will be able to achieve in a few short months. We can only hope that they will at least be able to hold the reins of government in a steady manner, one that does nothing to further erode the country’s position either politically or economically.

This is an election year in Cayman, and already we have been introduced to many political hopefuls who are putting themselves forward, with the aim of changing the political course of the country. In the current climate, where political trust has been broken, where people have become even more critical of the style of governance they have seen from some of their representatives, we venture to suggest that these political will be under even greater scrutiny for the promises they are wont to make.

There is a sense in which people seem far more restless, hyper critical and less accommodating of the rhetoric that often accompanies political campaigns. People want to know how their lives are going to be impacted by the actions of their representatives and they certainly want to be able to support and believe in the decisions that are taken on their behalf. Those who are seeking to represent would do well to understand that this is part of what the electorate is hoping for.

Political changes are afoot, no doubt, if one tries to read the tea leaves from the current state of affairs in the country. Already we have the break up of one political party and who knows what hybrids will emanate from what remains of the UDP and what will emerge to accommodate the five erstwhile members.

We have a political advocacy group that is seeking to promote independent candidates and it remains to be seen what effect they will have on the race.

While we can hope that the inevitable changes that come our way will be for the better, we can also arouse ourselves to play a part in bringing about positive developments, both on an individual and national basis.

There is little use in hoping, if we are not willing to work for change.





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  • Dr.Florence Goring-Nozza,D.D

    The Cayman Islands Government is Supporting a “HATE CRIME” What a Disgrace

    I refer to an article read in the Compass on yesterday. I was very angry at the report as not only is the Work Permit Board, the government, and Immigration Board, continue to trifle with the lives of the people of these islands and they expect to run for office again in 2013 with a bad track record of oppressing our people driving us to poverty..
    The compass reported 1000 more work permits for 2012 than the year before.
    This means that we are being made fools of despite what the Work Permit Chairman or Labor Director reports. It’s obvious they are NOT WORKING FOR the Caymanian people, only grand standing politicallyi. So hypocritical.
    This is a shameful report as though this means upward mobility for the Caymanian people!
    It is a downright disgrace , an insult and a slap in our faces!!
    There should be a rise in numbers of employment for all the Caymanian people!
    We are closely watching this new government to see just “how much effort” this new Premier and the supporting opposition will make to work together in order to decrease work permit grants and increase opportunity for Caymanians being hired to work which is their “Entitlement as citizens” of this country. An Entitlement because those qualified educated professionals, including even our law school grads together with the skilled and unskilled perons are all being “Discriminated against;” not because they are unqualified for a job but because they are “CAYMANIAN.” I hope to see many many lawsuits of discrimination filed in our courts against employers and also against government bias in granting work permits allowing foreigners to work and be a door stopper to our own Caymanians job opportunity. Government has aborted the chance for Caymanians obtaining work in their own homeland.It is unconstitutional, unlawful, piracy, and criminal.
    There must be two huge class action lawsuits brewing against these two different entities. Against government and against the private sector companies who continue to discriminate against hiring Caymanians. Not only is it social and economic genocide but such wicked action is termed as a ‘Hate Crime”.

  • anonymouos

    Nothing new, different day, that’s all. We are doomed with these greedy sharks feeding themselves.
    The people need representation. especially George town.

    We need our Capital back, shows what worthless representation G/Town has over the years.

  • anonymouos

    I just recently read an article by Mr. Miller rightly decrying the dangers to our society brought on by the notorious and wreckless sale of liquor to our darling young people who as a result are out of control under the influence, causing havock to themselves and the lives of others.
    I read some critical responses from prople in the liquor business who only care about this liquor blood money to line their filthy pockets. They seem to be unaware that the blood of many innocent people are on their hands through the sale of liquor. It is a selfish, blood thirsty murderous line of business that is nothing short of a “Killer” drug called alcohol.We all should distance ourselves from partaking of this monster.
    Mr.Ezzard Miller who has always looked after the best interest of the people of the Cayman Islands, working much harder than any other of the elected government, UDP’s or PPM’s, he deserves the respect and honor of the people of the Cayman Islands, as he seems to be a man of great wisdom and a deep vision that encompasses the wellbeing of the Caymanian people.
    I support Mr. Ezzard Miller and all his endeavors that advocate the best for the people of the Cayman Islands, especially our youth. Mr. Miller has expressed his sincere concern for alcohol being sold to our young people who are dying on our roads and causing death to others. Mr. Will T Bodden’s slogan on crew Road should have remained’ A MAN WHO DRIVES WHEN HE IS DRUNK SHOULD CARRY HIS COFFIN IN HIS TRUNK!”

    Those of you opposing Mr. Miller on his stand to protect even your life and the lives of your children and loved ones is an expressed demonstration of your own ignorance and your disregard for moral clarity coming from at least one of our legilators, the one and only Mr. Ezzard Miller. I hope that people everywhere support Mr. Miller, that Northsiders return him to office in May 2013, and that all those Independent coalitions nationwide that support Mr. Ezzard Miller will indeed do whatever possible to make Mr. Ezzard Miller the elected premier in 2013.

    He that is most moral is most often criticized and opposed.
    Liquor has taken more bread and milk off the tables of the poorest families. It has broken up more marriages. Liquor has killed more people on our roads, Liquor has in every way shape and form put more people in our graves than any other enemy known to man.
    Mr. Miller obviously is the man for jobs, for safety, for alcohol control and consumption, and he is a legislator for the people of the Cayman Islands.

    Even blind Bartemeous, Red Charles and Stevie Wonder can see that!
    Cayman urgently needs Ezzard Miller for premier in 2013.


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