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Thirty-minute power workout

Manuela Nemes

Manuela Nemes, Fitness Expert

Considering you are way past the motivational process of getting back in the gym after holidays to quickly regain strength and endurance, I continue demonstrating a sample workout that can be performed anywhere.

Power workout

My client, Louise Bailey likes to do intense power workouts at least once a week. To get the most out of these short workouts we combine plyometric jumps, core exercises and free weights. We used the Crossfit area at World Gym to demonstrate exercises that improve power, strength and cardio at the same time.

1. Walking lunges with isometric shoulder press – one minute

Hold a medicine ball overhead (beginners hold bare hands extended overhead) and step forward into a lunge. Ensure the core is contracted and your front knee is over your ankle; alternate moving forward and lower your thigh so that it’s parallel with the floor. Works legs, core, shoulders.

2. Push up with one hand on Medicine Ball – 10 repetitions

Place one hand on a medicine ball and the other on the floor. Perform five to 10 pushups on one side, then do the same on the other side. Beginners place knees on the floor, advanced pass the ball from one side to another to alternate push ups. Keep the abdominals contracted and do not arch or scoop your lower back. Works core, chest, triceps, front part of the shoulder.

3. Weighted squat pump with push (or Medicine Ball squat jump) – 10 repetitions

Hold a six-pound medicine ball with your arms extended in front of you and squat then jump forward pushing the ball away from chest. Ensure that you keep your knees soft while you land and you lower your thighs parallel with the floor. This is great cardio and glute exercise and also works the front part of the shoulders.

4. Diamond push up on Medicine Ball – to failure

Place hands on a medicine ball and lower your chest as close as possible without touching the ball. Beginners keep knees on the floor, advanced lift one foot in the air; keep your core strong to avoid arching the back or lifting the hips. This emphasises the triceps more than any other push up.

5. Back lunge with alternate side twist – 10 repetitions on each leg

Step back into a lunge holding a medicine ball with your arms extended in front of you and twist from the waist on the same side as your front leg. Find your balance then alternate legs making sure that you follow the ball movement with your eyes to engage the oblique muscles in the twist. Works legs and core. Focus in one spot to help maintaining balance and make sure you breathe properly through the mouth.

6. Legs over Medicine Ball (not demonstrated in photos)

Sit on a mat with your legs extended in front of you; place a medicine ball on the floor in front of your feet. Lift your legs off the floor and go over the medicine ball in a half circle then return in the opposite direction. Lean backwards slightly. This works the lower abdominals. Do not try this if you have lower back pain.

7. Hurdle jumps

Place a few hurdles at equal distance, approximately one foot away. Bend into a squat and jump over the hurdle. Pause to get ready and continue jumping over or back. You can also do side jumps, just make sure you bend your knees and land softly.

8. Hurdle push ups

Place each hand on a hurdle and start in a plank position with your feet hip width apart or wider. Lower your chest in between the hurdles and push up while you exhale through the mouth. Using hurdles or push up handles protects your wrists rather than the regular floor push up.

Remember, weight loss takes time. So does strength and muscle gain. Be willing to have patience and persevere and be confident that nothing will stop you from reaching your goal!

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