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Another independent candidate for George Town

Attorney-at-law Winston Connolly will run as an independent candidate in George Town.

Attorney-at-law Winston Connolly will run as an independent candidate in George Town.

Local lawyer/director, Winston Connolly has announced his intention to contest a seat in George Town in the upcoming May 2013 elections. Mr Connolly’s announcement followed that of former KPMG boss Roy Taggart, who will also contest a seat in George Town.

Mr Connolly describes his bid for a seat as something that, two months ago, was inconceivable. However, for several reasons which will be revealed during his campaign, he felt compelled to put his hat, and experience, in the ring.

“People who love their country can change it. Some of our previous statesmen recognised this. It is through political will, hard work and perseverance that we can move Cayman forward in the right direction,” he stated.

The theme of his campaign will focus on struggling families, professional advancement, education and local and global challenges facing all Cayman residents. Mr Connolly is said to be keen to meet with constituents to gain an understanding of their primary concerns. He would like the people who call Cayman home to know that they are heard, and it is his intention to address their concerns both on a local and international level. He is a dynamic individual who is well suited to tackle the many tough and dynamic issues that we face as a government and a nation. He acknowledges that there are several challenges ahead but he’s enthusiastic and determined to face them.

He believes that as an individual, he is not THE answer. But together, with like minded, patriotic Caymanian leaders, willing to put their careers and lives on hold, to secure the future of Cayman for its current and future generations, no problem is too big to resolve. He only asks that voters who want, and by all rights should demand, a more accountable government and a better country, come out to support him and other like-minded individuals.

“We need all hands on deck. The time for partisan politics is over. We need to work together and use all the resources we have to right the Good Ship Cayman. In so doing, we may better understand each other and move ahead as a stronger community and country that is based on mutual respect and understanding of each other,” Mr Connolly noted.

“Politics which shuts you out if you are in the ‘wrong’ party, politics which tells you to settle for the status quo only divides us all. Our heritage was built on the premise that we are one people. That belief helped to create a Cayman that ensured a high standard of living for all. We can become one people again, striving for a common goal. Let us reach out for what is possible and build a better Cayman,” he stated.

Mr Connolly is the son of Churchill and Tania Connolly of North Side and George Town, respectively. He grew up in Cayman and has lived in George Town for much of his life with his two brothers Dave and Mark. He attended the Cayman Islands High School after which he attended Loyola University New Orleans where he obtained a BBA in International Business and Management and the Cayman Islands Law School where he obtained an LLB (Hons) Degree from the University of Liverpool. He later received a post-graduate degree in Law from the College of Law of England and Wales before returning to his Caymanian home. Winston practiced law with two of the largest offshore law firms before he became a partner at a boutique financial services firm in 2010.

He is married to Lesley, a fifth generation Caymanian and is father to Wade.




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