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Former Premier Mckeeva Bush speaks out

Former Premier of the Cayman Islands McKeeva Bush has released a video interview speaking out on various issues surrounding his ousting.  The exclusive interview was conducted with Cayman Net News just after details of the former Premier’s travel costs were released to the media.

All parts to the video interview can be found on Cayman Net News YouTube channel at:



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  • anonymouos


    What did I tell you knuckleheads? I knew it was coming but not quite so soon! The Uk is really showing their true colors. They are really bald faced hypocrites about this whole McKeeva Bush arrest issue , But I didn’t think they would come out of the closet quite so soon where their war on the Hon. Mr. McKeeva Bush , former Premier, is concerned..
    I have told you in many articles written that Its not about McKeeva Bush overspending nor credit card fraud and it definitely is not about importation of explosives!!!
    Read My Lips:-
    WHAT THE UK WANT SIMPLY CANNOT HAPPEN ON THE HON. MCKEEVA BUSH’S WATCH! He is their greatest nightmare! You don’t seem to be aware of this, its time you do.
    Unlike Mr. Bush I don’t think Mr. Alden McLaughlin can stand up to the UK on this one, he is far too weak, timid and sucking up to the UK Whiteman. .Based on Mr. Alden McLaughlin’s behavior and thirst for the throne, trying to be more appealing to the present governor as a future premier that the UK can handle, be their true Puppet, and use him for their own purposes.
    It makes one wonder whether Mr. Alden McLaughlin did promise the UK that he would really support gay and lesbian marriage in the Cayman Islands and all the other liberal sewage that comes with it?
    I urge the Caymanian people to wakeup, Mr. Alden McLaughlin needs to come clean. I was made to understand from people that know him very well and that have had close dealings with him that “Alden is very sympathetic towards these type of people, we better be careful with him.” I also understand that our law firms are infiltrated with large numbers of homosexuals, how did they get a strong hold here? Are they sleepers waiting to pounce on the bill of rights too to aide the UK in their ploy to destroy our beloved innocent unspoiled Cayman Isle with our conservative christian values? Open your eyes Cayman, the Ministers Association’s work has yet to be unfolded, you think they worked on the constitution, you haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready for round Two.
    Mr.Arden Mclean and Mr. Ezzard Miller will you both stand up to the UK on gay issues and uphold principles and christian values we hold dear to our hearts telling them the answer is No?
    Both of you are too well aware as politicians that the UK wanted McKeeva out of the way so they could go through with this and push this gay garbage onto the territories,but you continue with your political rhetorics. The UDP minority government should know better as well but it is proof that these people too are not as versed politically nor understand the sciences of politics as one would expect from these high echelons of our legislature, but then again its a game they are all playing, its all about a thirst for power and might .
    The answer is ‘ N O”
    Quite Frankly I do not care how much Mckeeva Bush spends from his Credit card, whether government or personal. Mac, go ahead and max it out if you please! knock yourself out!
    BUT I do care a lot and am very disturbed at this UK press release and they should expect people like me to express my greatest anger if I learned that a gay lesbian or queer is teaching my child in our schools that sodomy and homosexuality is Ok; corrupting and destroying their little innocent tender minds. I would be even more angry if a teacher told my child that marriage is a union between any two persons whether two men or two women!
    I serve you what the Bible says that the institution of marriage is a union between One man and one woman.
    You see from the very Beginning, God made Adam and Eve, NOT ADAM AND STEVE!!!!
    MCKEEVA BUSH WOULD NOT ALLOW THIS garbage coming frorm the UK announced on this morning !
    Ladies and gentlemen, that is the real hidden corrupt, well organized, conspiracy,and tempura reason the UK WANTED MCKEEVA BUSH OUT OF THEIR WAY! he has done NOTHING WRONG! His only sin is standing up for Christianity and morality saving our children from these UK predators!
    You idiots can’t see it because of your stupidity and you choose to be naive and ignorant towards the real truth behind his arrest. you prefer to think the worst and engage in gossip, preferring to see him fall instead on waiting for a press release like this one I was waiting on to prove my point of truth being told about the dirty UK tactics,.
    I want to take this opportunity to say “I told you so.” I’m not at all surprised as a matter of fact I have been waiting for this as I and others who are politically sound knew it was coming sooner or later.From the day the past leader of government business The former Hon. Tom Jefferson rightly so turned back that boat load of homosexuals on a cruise ship during the nineties, they have been lobbying the FCO every since using expensive lawyers and organizing to take over the Cayman Islands and the UK territories with their SICK LIFESTYLE. I’D AGREE FOR THE CAYMAN ISLANDS TO GO INDEPENDENT BEFORE I AGREE TO THIS MESS.
    I hope you realize that every governor and comm. of police from hereon are hired to support, implement and enforce the liberal laws a soon as the UK decides to throw this putrid sewage on our heads and tell us that it’s raining.
    I’d approve of independence from the UK before I agree to this, after all we’re not getting anything from them anyway, they are doing absolutely nothing for us, but running up expensive tabs in the millions of dollars and ordering us to pay it from our public purse.Its time to stand up to them like McKeeva Bush.
    ENOUGH OF THIS White Slavemaster NONSENSE!
    I feel a sense of accomplishment as I can boldly say to you once again:-
    “I told you so!”
    TAKE A LOOK AT THE UK”s latest Sewage Pipline:
    OT minister to support same sex marriage in UK
    Cayman Islands News
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  • Anonymous

    To poster Anonymous @ February 1, 2013 at 11:15 am

    You are more delusional than the former Premier. Seek help, and take him with you.

  • Dr.Florence Gorinmg-Nozza,DD


    As I read the article recently on Lord Blencathra’s removal from the post of Cayman’s Representative in the UK, and the OT Ministers plan on voting for Homosxeual Marriage in parliament with an expectancy for the Territories to support him, it is with regret as the OT’s keep having horse manure shoveled on them, dad after day under this FCO rule. When is enough “Enough?”

    now this recent press release by CNS of the UK’s allocating $8 million dollars to fight corruption in the Caribbean, my response was “Here these jerks come again. They should use that money on themselves from start to finish for a change.”

    However, as a people its time to start thinking deeply about what we really want for ourselves. Do we want jobs, do we want to be free from racial, economic and social oppression? we must not allow the British to come to our shores and again destroy the reputation of the Cayman Islands with prefabricated accusations to suit their own liberal agenda. None of their investigations have lead to anywhere but a dead end.

    If the British really knew how predictable they are they would run and hide…

    Since the former premier McKeeva bush is such a great threat to them getting their liberal gay
    and lesbian homosexual agenda through, and keeping us all as slaves with no right to work in our own country a UK territory, that 99% of that money will be Mr. Bush from running for office both in 2013 throughout 2016 as he may be too old or retired by that time.

    These shrewd operators. Read a little bit about where these Cunning and Crafty Brits are Coming from will you.

    Nearly all these early settlements arose from the enterprise of particular companies and magnates rather than from any effort on the part of the English crown. The crown exercised some rights of appointment and supervision, but the colonies were essentially self-managing enterprises. The formation of the empire was thus an unorganized process based on piecemeal acquisition, sometimes with the British government being the least willing partner in the enterprise. If the territories can manage themselves then why are we all brainwashed into believing that we can not do without the UK?

    The slave trade became an economic necessity for the Caribbean colonies benefiting the British. Movements for the end of slavery came to fruition in British colonial possessions long before the similar movement in the United States; the trade was abolished in 1807 and slavery itself in Britain’s dominions in 1833.

    The British Empire was the world’s first global power; by 1921, it held sway over a population of 400–500 million people — roughly a quarter of the world’s population — and covered more than 14.1 million square miles.

    During the pretense of decolonisation, Britain under sought to pass socalled parliamentary democracy and the rule of law to its colonies, with varying degrees of success leaving questionable consequences. Almost all former British colonies have since chosen to join the association which replaced the Empire.

    Nonetheless, British colonial policy was always driven to a large extent by Britain’s trading interests. While settler economies developed the infrastructure to support balanced development, tropical African were abused in those territories. Like Caymanians are today and and found themselves developed funding units for the British. Work permit sales in the millions of dollars seem to be a funding unit for the British as well. British policies based on their own advantage and self interest had a negative impact on some territories economically.

    The British would engage in manipulation of conflict between ethnic and racial identities, in order to keep subject populations from uniting against the the British who were the occupying power causing all the oppression, unhappiness and dismay — the classic “divide and rule” strategy — left a legacy of partition or inter-communal difficulties in areas as diverse as,Ireland, India, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda, Iraq, Guyana, and Figi. No wonder the Irish hates the Brits more than anything else.

    The British colonial authorities in Kenya successfully manipulated the Mau Mau starting a war between the tribes killing only 22 Europeans but l8,00 locals. They are accustomed to stirring up trouble among the people in its territories.

    The same divide and conquer zeniyh is at work and in full force in the Cayman Islands. Where the work permit grants, believed to be the thrust of the UK FCO weapon to be used continually to upset Caymanians, and dividing the locals and expats who are constantly at war because of the constant disenfranchise of Caymanians as opposed to expats being the preferred work applicant. It is much clearer that the UK has something to do with this, as the war between the unemployed local and the employed foreigners controlling all the jobs continues. It seems perfectly OK with the UK that has never addressed this injustice and socioeconomic genocide against the Caymanian people.

    Its time for the Caymanian people to seriously consider Independence from the UK. It is impossible to continue to tolerate this abuse of power coming from the UK and FCO against the people of its territories..

    The arrest of the Premier of the Cayman Islands where he has not been charged, has not been prosecuted and has not been sentenced for merely maxing out his credit card and assisting customs release of explosives for a constituent in the quarry business, is an indication that the UK FCO is repeating history all over again and will stop at nothing to bring down a leader in its OT who can not be controlled by them.

    The UK wants the former Hon. McKeeva Bush out of the political picture so badly that they are stooping as low now to agree to foot the tab this time, instead of letting us pay for the Tempura round II now brewing and gearing up to dump these unknowns onto our shores. Generally commencing their entertainment or pastime activities at the local pubs and posing on the decks of the RCIP boats having fun. We are indeed curious to see what a prefabricated illustration looks like this time around……coming from this UK camp.We sincerely hope the Daily Mail follows them to the Cayman Islands and around the territories to do a story on them.

    We are all aware that the British are cheap skates, usually expecting everyone to pay for their own
    expenses. For the UK to allocate $8million plus to pay for these probes, is an indication that
    they are desperate to get former Premier of the Cayman Islands McKeeva Bush out of their way and even more ‘”DESPERATE TO HOLD ONTO THE REMAINING TERRITORIES who may be gearing up to Free themselves from this political and economic slavery imposed upon them by the UK and oppressing the poor keeping Caymanians especially the natives jobless, hungry, devastated, helpless, and devastated.


    In order to save their face in the UN the UK FCO is now calling this Anti corruption
    probe a mere investigations to fight corruption! we political science scholars know better.

    It is just not true.

    As one familiar with the UK dirt and their underhandedness and crookedness; I serve the people notice that
    This is nothing short of a 21st century War declared on the territories and its leaders who stand up to the UK with an attempt to enslave, intimidate, divide and conquor, to continue to control the territories and discourage them from going independent.

    I call on the territories to form a federation for the Caribbean, engage in trade strategies,import and export, build your own defense forces, your own national guards, your own, coast guards, your own armies, and unite and defect from the UK, declaring

    claiming independence at a specified date and time, and stop being kicked around by these white men from Europe.They are slave masters.

    Its time to cut strings, Grow up Declare Independence from the UK.


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