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Sharon Roulstone is another independent for George Town

Sharon Roulstone

Sharon Roulstone

Tenth generation Caymanian and long-time lawyer and business leader Sharon Roulstone has announced her campaign for the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly to represent George Town. Citing the need for MLAs to recognise they are answerable only to the Cayman people, not to party leaders, Roulstone will be running as an independent candidate free of the constraints imposed by political parties.

“Over the course of recent political administrations, the interests of the Caymanian people have not been represented in the true spirit of democracy,” said Ms Roulstone. “Instead, our leaders seem to give priority to the interests of the party over what is the overall good for the country.”

“I will bring a fiercely independent voice to the Legislative Assembly and make sure the interests of hardworking Caymanians are represented,” she added.

Ms Roulstone was born and raised in the heart of George Town and continues to live there today. She earned her law degree from the University of Liverpool, then worked for many years with the firm of Walkers before starting her own firm in 2003.

Her leadership record is extensive with service on the boards of the Chamber of Commerce, the National Trust, the Caymanian Bar Association, the Cayman Arts Festival, the newly formed YMCA as well as membership in the Cayman Islands Law Society. Ms Roulstone also has served on numerous government boards, chairing many of them, including the (former) Immigration Board, CINICO, the Maritime Authority (MACI), the Civil Service Appeals Commission and the Work Permit Board.

For her lengthy service and dedication to the Cayman Islands, she was awarded the Certificate & Badge of Honour by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2010.

“I have a passion for the people, history and culture of the Cayman Islands. With our country heading in the wrong direction, I feel a personal duty and responsibility to help restore hope in the hearts of the Caymanian people by getting our beloved country back on track. It’s time we return to a government that is honest and transparent, is always fiscally responsible and finally looks out for the bests interests of all of Cayman,” she stated.

Ms Roulstone is the daughter of Frank and Beth Roulstone and sister to Shirley and Frank III. She is the mother of daughter, Katherine and aunt to Hayley and Hunter. She is an active member of the Cayman Islands Baptist Church serving on its National Missions Committee. She is also a Notary Public.



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