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We can restore the economy, says Bush

Former premier McKeeva Bush

Former premier McKeeva Bush has hit the campaign trail for his United Democratic Party.

Former premier McKeeva Bush has called on residents of the Cayman Islands to step up and help to build the local economy.

Mr Bush was addressing a United Democratic Party election campaign rally in Bodden Town on Tuesday, 26 February, and noted that the economy had to create “jobs, jobs, jobs for Caymanians coming out of schools.”

The former premier noted that the country needed to have infrastructural growth that would accommodate new pillars of the economy.

The meeting was chaired by Christopher Saunders, who is expected to be on the UDP’s ticket for the district.

Noting that the party’s manifesto would provide more details of his plans for the economy, Mr Bush said he hoped that there would be a reduction of government taxes.

Mr Bush said that in order to encourage growth in the economy, there was need to reduce the cost of doing business. In order for the Cayman Islands to make a comeback, there was need to cut the cost of fees government charges to businesses in the financial industry, he stated.

“There should be the reduction in fuel cost as a major policy effort,” he told Cayman Net News.

“We need to make a critical choice that will define what kind of country we leave to our children and grandchildren. Are we going to grow the economy to sustain the infrastructure we have built or are we going to shrink the infrastructure to accommodate the current economy? he questioned.

Are we going to evolve to maintain our leadership in services we provide or are we going to sleep on our success? Are we going to take responsibility and chart our own future or are we going to bow to the international pressures? Are we going to face the challenges and seize the opportunities or are we going to bury ourselves in bureaucratic process? We must now build and rebuild or economy,” he said.

Mr Bush said that there was need for the government to provide business opportunity for businesses in the financial industry, construction, agriculture and aquaculture sectors of the economy.

“We can create an environment that restores our economy, that will stabilise our high standard of living. But we must create jobs, for the hundreds of children coming out of school each year and then we will have money to further grant scholarships and help pay your bills. This means being welcoming to foreign investments and cutting the cost of doing business locally,” he said.



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