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NIM Things open again for business

Published on Thursday, December 10, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

NIM Things owners Tenson Scott (middle) with his wife Starry (left) and daughter Simone

By Simone Tatum

It’s been a long time since local arts and crafts shop, NIM Things, was founded on Cayman Brac in 1986. On Saturday, 5 December, the locally owned shop in Spot Bay celebrated an opening party once again, after it was closed due to the destruction from Hurricane Paloma in 2008.

Local artists and shop owners Tenson, Starrie and Simone Scott welcomed their customers during this re-opening event and showed their unique handmade crafts in their newly renovated shop and art gallery.

“It’s been over a year to date that Hurricane Paloma hit our small island and now we are finally ready to re-open NIM Things. Our shop was used as a temporary home, while my family’s houses were repaired and rebuilt after the storm. My grandmother was the first to move into the shop and when she moved out my parents and my great- uncle moved in. Finally, about three months ago, my great-uncle moved out of my gallery back to his fixed home and about two weeks later my parents were able to return to their home.

Since then we have been working on getting my father Tenson’s work shed built back and were getting all his equipment up and running. He painted out my gallery for me and, with the help of some good friends, I’ve been able to fix up the rest,” Simone Scott explained.

During the re-opening party, customers were pampered like family and treated to a taste of Starrie’s special homemade coconut cream pie, which was offered amongst other delectable complimentary refreshments.

The party guests had a chance to look at the wide variety of crafts and local arts in the shop and could find relaxation outside, on the porch and in the front yard. Conversations could be held undisturbed at the designated sitting area under the trees and some guests even provided musical entertainment as they sang and played guitar and drums.

NIM Things stands for “Native Island Made Things”, and customers are often surprised by the simplicity and creativity of the shop’s items. A wide variety of thatch items like hats, bags, slippers, baskets and more can be found, as well as Tenson Scott’s famous jewelry made from shells and caymanite, and Simone’s amazing paintings and artworks.

“It’s amazing how natural things like beach rocks, nuts and shells can be transformed into true pieces of art,” local customer Wallace Platt admits. “Simone and her friends’ creativity seems unstoppable. When Hurricane Paloma blew a piece of a metal roof into her yard, she immediately saw the use in it and now it hangs here in the shop, as a display for magnets!”

The party continued until 10:00 pm and the guests agreed that it was an inspiring evening. “I’m thankful that customers came out and enjoyed our re-opening event. We all are looking forward to NIM Things’ future,” Simone Scott said. NIM Things is located in Spot Bay, Cayman Brac. For more information call 948-0582 or 948-0461.
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Ralph Herter:
I'm glad to see the shop is up and running again. Hope we get to visit again soon!

Ket Brown:
Great news that the shop is open again. The Scott family displays there God given talents in every possible way - paintings, weaving, jewelry, and most of all, wonderful personalities. Tenson doesn't look to happy in the photo; my guess is that it means back to the shop and less fishing! Keep up the great work!


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