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A closer look at Cayman Brac's Gregory Banks

Published on Sunday, December 20, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

Gregory Banks practices basketball in the Brac whenever he can

Sport plays an important role in the lives of Cayman Brac’s youngsters. For 17-year-old Gregory Banks, basketball is the sport of choice. Born and raised in Grand Cayman, Gregory moved to the Brac in 2007. He graduated from Cayman Brac High School this year and is now a student at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI), Cayman Brac.

Gregory started to play basketball last year. “In 2008 I was playing for Cayman Brac’s basketball team. Our trainers, Mitchum Sanford and Flynn Bush, saw that my potential had increased a lot.

“They tried to send a basketball team from the Brac to compete in the Appleby Under 19 League, but unfortunately there weren’t enough players,” Gregory explained. ”Therefore, I was really surprised when I was asked if I would like to play in the Under 19 league in Grand Cayman. “ Despite the fact that Cayman Brac couldn’t send a basketball team, arrangements were made for Gregory Banks to play in the competition. This is possible because SASI sponsored the tickets for him to fly to Grand Cayman every Sunday.

“SASI’s talent development program (TDP) aids athletes in achieving success in their sports, for example, playing on a national team or playing for clubs in Grand Cayman, where we can’t provide teams to compete,” trainer Mitchum Sanford explained. “Because Gregory can stay with his family in Grand Cayman, all he needs is the plane tickets and SASI will sponsor them for him,” he continued.

Gregory Banks plays for the basketball team “The Wolves” in Grand Cayman. Wolves Trainer Mr. Whittaker explained, “Greg is a big addition to our team. He is already our biggest player and he moved straight into the sterling position. We are glad to have him on board and his presence could help us to win the championship. The credit for Gregory’s success goes to the coach’s work on the Brac.”

Gregory’s short term prospective is to finish the basketball competition with his Under 19 League team; his long term goal is to further his education and to attend a university as a student-athlete overseas.
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