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Labyrinth Walk dedicated to Haitian Relief

Published on Friday, January 29, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Cayman Brac’s Labyrinth, located at 1379 South Side Road

A “labyrinth walk,” designed by Labyrinth Society member Mrs Kathleen Bodden-Harris, has been organized to raise funds for Haitian relief on Friday, 29 January, at 7 pm at Cayman Brac’s Labyrinth at 1379 South Side Road.

A prayer for the victims and relief workers in Haiti will initiate the Labyrinth walk, which is free of charge and open to the public. Monetary donations may be made after the walk.

Mrs Bodden-Harris, who owns the Heritage Designs Shop, said that the walk will remind all persons to focus as they walk the labyrinth on the basic human needs of hunger, thirst, medical relief, overcoming enormous grief, loss of all kinds, physical and spiritual healing.

“We need these ourselves,” she said, “as much as the Haitian victims do, to understand the deep wells of our own despair over this tragedy. We are wealthy in prayer and mercy. Whether you attend the Labyrinth Walk or not, please give generously to whatever Relief Fund possible.”

All monetary donations will go to the Brac Branch of the Cayman Island Red Cross for the Haitian Relief Effort, and a Red Cross representative will be in attendance to collect the funds donated.

The Labyrinth is located outdoors, and participants are asked to wear flat, closed-toe shoes to prevent injuries. The Labyrinth will be illuminated with torches during the event, but participants are invited to bring handheld lights for exiting the area. After the walkers have completed their Labyrinth circuit, light refreshments will be served on the patio.

For more information, call Mrs Kathleen Bodden-Harris at 916-3960.
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Roger Bowen:
Three cheers for Ms Bodden-Harris! The Cayman's neighbors are but a stone's skip away. It is fit, proper, and right that this happen. Thank you.


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