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Cayman Brac High School students raised funds

Published on Friday, January 29, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Students of Cayman Brac High School collected US$1,360.55 during their spontaneous
fund-raising events

A special effort was made by the students of the Cayman Brac High School, who decided spontaneously, to collect funds for Haiti’s earthquake victims.

“When the students heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti,” said Cayman Brac High School Librarian Trevor Ebanks, “they instantly remembered the destruction (of Cayman Brac) caused by Hurricane Paloma in 2008.

“Touched by the thought of the many suffering children in Haiti, some students expressed their wish to go there to help them.”

The librarian was moved by the students’ empathy, but after explaining the impracticality of the students’ wishes, encouraged them to get donations for basic supplies such as food, water and medicine instead.

“During the conversation the students began to express many ideas to raise funds for these urgent goods and eventually started to act,” he said, which resulted in cookie and cupcake sales, collecting money throughout Cayman Brac´s community, and arranging for a special “dress down day” at the Cayman Brac High School.

The pupils collected US$1,360.55 for their efforts. A free banker’s draft was provided by Cayman National Bank in Cayman Brac that will be delivered by the international shipping service DHL free of charge to the “Save the Children” charity to help Haitian children.
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