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Brac's Cadet Corps makes use of their new watercraft

Published on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Captain Robert Sutherland of the Cadet Corps Marine Detachment in Grand Cayman (left) and members of the Cayman Brac Detachment during the Marine Training in Cayman Brac

The Cayman Brac Detachment of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps recently was introduced to their new watercraft. In late 2009, their headquarters in Grand Cayman transferred two rafts and kayaks to the Brac Detachment.

Captain Robert Sutherland of the Cadet Corps Marine Detachment in Grand Cayman visited Cayman Brac recently to hold a training programme introducing Cayman Brac´s Cadets to their new water craft able to carry ten persons.

He was assisted by Lieutenant Alphanso Gayle, WO2 Sergeant Major Ian Miller and Executive Officer Lea Scott.

“The 10-Person raft is all about team work, co-operation and discipline,” said Capt Sutherland. “If the cadets continue to grasp these principles they will become a competitive force within the Corp.”

The participants were introduced to the commands and controls of the new watercraft and learned about the importance of boating safety and the proper handling and care for the raft during the training.

The young cadets had the opportunity to use the craft and maneuver it on the water on their own.

The participants attended this training in large numbers, which showed the great interest in watermanship amongst the members of Cayman Brac´s Cadet Corps.

Captain Sutherland noted that there was a lot of excitement during this event, and that this special training was a great opportunity to further enhance the Cadet Corps´ marine knowledge.

He also noted that it is the intention of the CICC to create a Marine Detachment on the Brac in order to keep in touch with the islands´ seafaring history.

He mentioned that he was very impressed about Cayman Brac´s Cadets and their response to this marine training.

WO2 Sergeant Major Ian Miller noted the positive feedback from Cayman Brac´s community about the numerous activities of the Cadet Corps and expressed his wish for more involvement in the Corp by the people of Cayman Brac.

”I would especially welcome it if persons with seafaring knowledge would like to assist us in our marine program,” he said. “The Corps plays a positive role in our community. Our motto is the word TEAM, which stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ in our organisation; therefore we are always pleased to see our team grow.”

Persons who would like to join the Cadet Corps in Cayman Brac or wish to assist the Cayman Brac Detachment can contact WO2 Sergeant Major Ian Miller or Executive Officer Lea Scott at 948-8824.

- Simone Tatum
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