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Cadet Corps enjoyed 'Brac Attack' camp

Published on Sunday, March 7, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Cayman Brac´s Cadets demonstrated team work and cooperation while kayaking and navigating their new ten-man watercraft. Cadets explored Cayman Brac´s wildlife during their hikes with Mr. Wallace Platts from The National Trust Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac´s Cadet Corps enjoyed field craft, watercraft activities, kayaking and much more during the weekend camp “Brac Attack”, which took place between Friday, 19 February and Saturday, 20 February, 2010.

The Cadets between the ages of eleven and seventeen had the opportunity to gain a wider knowledge of the environment during the camp and learned about living and working in harmony with nature.

The Cadets were under the supervision of Captain Robert Sutherland, WO1 Derrick Larner, Lieutenant Alphanso Gayle, WO2 Sergeant Major Ian Miller, Adult Under Officer Lea Scott and Sergeant Ashton Ferguson of the RCIPS during this weekend event.

During the camp, the young Cadets enjoyed presentations on fire and wildlife led by pharmacist Mr. Dhallchand Seeram and Mr. Wallace Platts from the National Trust and about the role and responsibilities of the Police Service by RCIPS Sergeant Ashton Ferguson. In a discussion following the presentations, the Cadets proved to be very knowledgeable about the topics and brought their experiences of growing up in Cayman Brac to the forum.

The Cadets also participated in hikes, particularly along the Big Channel Bluff Road, where they explored plants and animals that are native to Cayman Brac. They were able to identify the silver thatch palm, banana orchids, ground doves, Cayman parrots, fruit bats, amphibians, butterflies and other plants and animals. During this exercise, the Cadets expressed their wish for the preservation of Cayman Brac´s ecosystem, not only for tourism but for Cayman Brac´s future generations, Mr. Wallace Platts noted.

The group also spent time on the water during the weekend camp, where they had the chance to demonstrate team work and cooperation while kayaking and navigating their new ten-man watercraft.

According to WO2 Sergeant Major Ian Miller the camp was incident free and nothing unusual was seen or reported during the weekend. “I believe this camp was a valuable exercise for our young Cadets. It was a great opportunity to learn about wildlife and an eco-friendly lifestyle while bonding with team members and having fun outdoors.”

Persons who would like to join the Cadet Corps in Cayman Brac or wish to assist the Cayman Brac Detachment can contact WO2 Sergeant Major Ian Miller or Executive Officer Lea Scott at 948-8824.

– Simone Tatum
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