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Dart Cayman wins bid on electric car

Published on Sunday, August 9, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

In the photograph ~ Mark Gordon is a Safety Patrol Officer and works for Camana Bay’s Security Patrol Division. Mr Gordon spent some time test-driving Cayman’s first electric vehicle. The car will be used for security patrol on the premises of Camana Bay, and will also be used for first aid safety and rescue.

By Kevin Shereves

Dart Realty Ltd., the developer of Camana Bay, has purchased a Global Electric Motor (GEM) vehicle for use in their security services at Camana Bay. The environmentally-friendly vehicle will be used for patrolling the premises and is equipped with a first aid rescue kit, safety cones and fluorescent lighting. The car was purchased at the Rotary Club Camelot 2009 Auction and was donated by John Felder, owner of Cayman Automotive.

The four-passenger GEM e4 model is environmentally-friendly, as it does not produce any tailpipe emissions, thus reducing air pollution.The vehicle runs on battery-electric power and is street legal in almost every state in the United States on public roads, with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 mph and operates on a 72-volt battery system. The car plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet and the batteries can be recharged anytime, anywhere a 110-volt outlet is available and recharges in six to eight hours.

According to Derek Haines, Head of Security, Health and Safety at Camana Bay, the car was bought for approximately CI$16,500.

Mr Haines said, “We were supporting the Camelot 2009 auction, with a view for using the electric vehicle for security services here at Camana Bay. We have a number of events here throughout the year, and the vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit and other safety items such as safety cones and fluorescent lighting. All our officers are first aid trained, and if anyone should ever need any assistance our officers are fully trained and equipped to offer assistance.”

John Felder, owner of Cayman Automotive, said, “We donated the vehicle to the Rotary Club to be used in their Camelot 2009 Auction and Dart was the highest bidder, so they drove away with Cayman’s first electric car. I wanted to donate the car to Rotary, because we wanted to help raise money for a good cause. It, being the first electric vehicle in Grand Cayman, meant a lot to me, and I foresee this vehicle being the future of the automotive industry.”

Mr Felder added, “There are authorized service centers in George Town, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac that have been in place for the past two years and are ready to service these types of vehicles.”

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