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Letter: Open letter to Mr McKeeva Bush and Ms O'Connor-Conolly

Published on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

As Christians, you both have heard this before. Where sin did abound, "Grace did much more abound". Because of your recent decisions on allowing a hospital to be built by the cardiologist, Dr Shetty, which we have nothing against; you will be responsible for the changing of our lives.

Christians will have to stand their ground, holding both of you, Big Mac and Julie, responsible for any erosion or regression of Christianity in this region as the primary religion of the country. When you, Big Mac, give them status and they vote out prayer to our True and Living God from the public schools, I'm going to blame both of you, Big Mac and Julie!

We have taken note that you were very subtle in getting Pastor Al on board the UDP, and on your side just before signing off on the dotted line for the hospital project! Every strange move you make means something. It’s a prelude to the UDP sneaking something else through without consulting the people with wide consultation necessary for such great changes to our infrastructure. Churches will really have to pray and fast more regularly to offset the cults and principalities in high places they will be in combat with.

I still can't figure out why you, Mr Bush, a confessed Christian, would not have consulted with a Christian medical university in the United States instead of a Hindu nation! We are going to pay a great price. I will make sure I'm in the US when these new groups of immigrants start calling down those cult principalities on our land and begin to draw demons, and devils, and ungodly spirits and invoke the first tsunami to destroy this nation.

They don't pray to our God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; they pray to a false dead God that angers the True and Living God, and it brings down curses and major national disasters on those Hindu and Muslim nations. Women be careful; Julie won't speak up for you when those Indian men start beating you women to death, they believe in honour killings and much more. They beat their wives and daughters to grievous and bodily harm; even death! With no penalty, it is accepted in their society; the beating and killing of their women if they do not obey, or marry outside of their culture. Is Cayman ready for more killings?

This is really of concern to me, as I have studied these peoples’ culture and religion for years, and I know this immigration change in the social fabric will greatly affect the people of the Cayman Islands. Watch what happens to the Cayman Islands over the next five years when those demonic, anti-Christ principalities take up their position in this territory. All that glitters is not gold! If Big Mac needs a personal heart doctor, he can use Dr Tomlinson's hospital facility; he does not need to change our whole religious and social structure. There's more to this than meets the eye. Something is not being told to us here.

Mr Bush, you owe us Christians an explanation, and I want it now. You're about to change our world into a literal tsunami and I want to know why! Who is going to put those big shot doctors in jail when they beat their wives and daughters to death like they do in India; without penalty? Tell me, Mac, I need to know. My daughter may wind up marrying one of them and I want to know how the laws will protect us. Come on Julie; Women’s Affairs is of paramount importance to me.

Casandra Miller
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Michael Anderson:
John Smith and Casandra Miller:

John your words:
If you consider yourselves intelligent citizens, you must be able to define what hate speech is:

This is hate speech:

They don't pray to our God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; they pray to a false dead God that angers the True and Living God, and it brings down curses and major national disasters on those Hindu and Muslim nations.

By the way, Cassandra, perhaps in your studies you forgot to study that, in Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the Torah, the Koran and the Bible the first testament are almost identical in all three of these religions, so I guess they all pray to the same god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Boy, round about now I would be feeling embarrassed that in all your studying of their culture and religion you did not know that.

I will make sure I'm in the US when these new groups of immigrants start calling down those cult principalities on our land and begin to draw demons, and devils, and ungodly spirits and invoke the first tsunami to destroy this nation.

This sounds more like voodoo curse. Get real. By the way, Cassandra, why would you run away to a country -- the US -- that was founded on the freedom of religion? There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews all living happily together in the US. Almost 30% of doctors in the US came from India Pakistan etc. I am pretty sure that if the US immigration service or ACLU had a copy of your letter you would be turned away from the US and sent back to Cayman. You are saying that 350 medical professionals are going to destroy Cayman’s fragile society and, so you are safe, you are going to run to a country that has a couple of million of them. Hypocritical to say the least.

Go live in the east for a while; you will find them to be peace loving people of god.

Judge ye not for lest you be judged...

Chew on those words for a while.

John Smith:
All too often we have witnessed the “male chauvinist pig” attitude towards outspoken women on behalf of the Cayman Islands. Those responsible keep attacking women in these forums. Some of them, especially two of them, never take on a man of their own size, and they get mad and enraged when the truth is told; it makes them furious and nervous. Caymanians need to keep an eye on those individuals who become enraged because someone dares to tell the truth, and the real truth concerning issues facing the people of the Cayman Islands.

These same persons have never been known to take a real stand or position on anything worthwhile, to move the country forward. The Caymanian people have those amongst them that do not mean them any earthly good, and do not have their best interest at heart. To suggest that Ms Miller exercising her right to freedom of speech should be punished, is as communistic and socialistic as can be, coming from the big mouth of those individuals who are always preaching freedom of speech for all! When does this hypocrisy end?

I am especially surprised that Mr Ricardo Tatum, who has attacked Cayman's Judiciary on many occasions over and over again, and with all the education and knowledge he claims to have, was not aware that he was a primary candidate to have been visited by the police and may have narrowly escaped, and should have considered himself quite lucky! This chauvinist and cowardly approach or attitude to the truth being exposed is a disappointment; as it seems that the same people appear to continue advocating for that which is anti-Caymanian, anti-Christian, anti-freedom of speech for women, and leaning to the far left. These apparent haters of Christianity, and everything Godly, have actually taken it upon themselves to attempt to silence the voice of Ms Miller, who speaks out on an issue that can affect the future of the people of the Cayman Islands forever. What audacity.

If you consider yourselves intelligent citizens, you must be able to define what is hate speech, what is truly an attack on Indians and Dr Shetty, and what is the truth. We are all aware that a certain group residing inside and outside the Cayman Islands has a big problem with the truth; it hurts!

I read her letter, and Ms Miller did not use hate speech, and did not attack Dr Shetty, as some of you prefabricate for personal and selfish reasons just to make trouble. Ms Miller had a right to, and did, raise concerns about the possible overshadowing of the freedom of Christian religion, which is primary in this region and is inevitable, based on the current projections by the government's recent hospital proposal.

If you're an atheist or agnostic, short sighted instead of having a real vision for the future of these islands; we understand. You just don't seem to know any better. But your constant behavior when women speak out on behalf of the good of the Cayman Islands, speaks volumes about the character and personality of any male figure who is always attacking females with verbal battery and assault, while being scared to sign their names in other forums! That's a bully, and a coward!

Congratulations Ms Miller; we need more women like you to bring the truth to the people of the Cayman Islands. The women should be proud of you, and very grateful for the information and questions you raised. Yu have guts!

Mike Anderson:
Cassandra Miller - It is better to have your eyes opened by wonder than sealed by belief. It is fairly obvious you have never studied Hinduism or Islam or their cultures, and have never lived in a Muslim or Hindu country, or ever worked with Muslim and Hindu people. Your xenophobic, racial, and hate filled post was one of the most ignorant and horrendous pieces of literature I have ever read. I believe Jesus Christ tried to promote love, peace, and understanding, not tunnel vision. Your post is an embarrassment, and does an incredible disservice to the Cayman Islands, its people, and investors’ perception of a warm and welcoming, well educated people.

Ms Miller;
Let me, as a proud Hindu, born in Trinidad, residing here in peace in Grand Cayman, help remove you from the darkness of your ignorance and remind you that we are all the children of one God. Your chosen path to the Lord is no better than mine, nor is mine better than yours. Domestic violence, or violence of any kind for that matter, is not indigenous to any one race, religion, or species. I come from a Hindu home, I am a Hindu, I am married to a Hindu, and I can assure you, violence is not an accepted way of life for any of us. Let me also enlighten you to the fact that the very word Hindu does not relate to any particular religion, but rather to a way of life, a non-violent way of life, with respect for our creator and nature, and compassion for our fellow man. We honour God when we serve others in need. So please do not speak poorly of another man’s belief or intentions, especially when you know nothing of its core.

Edward Johnson:
Who is Casandra Miller? Where has she been living? Where did she get her facts from? It’s the most racist comments I've ever read in the Cayman Net News. This is what religion does to folks; produce bigots and fools. This woman has me so annoyed so early.

Jake Konan:
Did I miss something? The press release said all the doctors were coming from the States. Why does this "Christian" woman have such hatred for people of other cultures? Is there no Christian love in this country?

Ryan :
What a total disgraceful article. Is this person really a Christian? I never thought my Christian friends had these views.

F. Lopez:
Dear Mr Smith;
I am a woman and I condemn the words and arguments of Ms Miller. I am a Christian and condemn the words and arguments of Ms Miller. I am a resident of the Cayman Islands and condemn the words and arguments of Ms Miller. She is entitled to her opinion, and freedom of speech is enshrined in western democracy, but I do not agree with her opinion because it is ill-informed. It is ignorant about India and Indians, Hinduism and the history of violence against women. It is even a biased, denominational view of Christianity that many here, and around the world, do not share.
She should apologise for her gross rudeness and attack on Dr Shetty and Indians living here, and who will live here. Indians also include Christians, of course. But to all who are not Christians, who may be of another faith or none, the wind (of the Holy Spirit) blows where it pleases and God's will is done - but not always through Christians! Thank goodness for that - the world would have very little good will if goodness only depended on the thoughts, words, and actions of Christians. God's will is evident in all who love others. So may God's grace be with us all.

J. Smith:
Dear Casandra,
Please keep your bigoted, racist rants to yourself. Your comments are an absolute disgrace. You conveniently single out the most extreme elements of Hinduism while ignoring the fact that extreme elements of Christianity have also burned, mutilated and killed in the name of their religion. It is ignorant, uneducated attitudes such as yours that hurt Cayman, certainly not the inclusion of a renowned cardiologist like Dr Shetty, whose contributions will include provision of employment for many Caymanians and a healthy boost to the economy.

Ricardo Tatum:
Am I actually reading this letter written by Casandra Miller correctly or are my eyes deceiving me? Was this letter actually written by this so-called Christian individual and published in the Cayman Net News? Please don't misinterpret my question as criticism of CNN for publishing this letter, as no one believes in freedom of expression and the press more than I do, but my question is; what useful purpose is served by publishing such prejudiced, bigoted, inflammatory and covertly violent opinions of a person who is more suited to living back in the Dark Ages of the Catholic Inquisition than in a modern, current-age society? If the purpose is to expose the fact that such people and opinions do exist in the Cayman Islands, then I can justify and excuse it; but the opinions expressed here go way beyond the pale. Given the recent attacks on at least two expatriate workers of Indian and Philippine origins; will Ms Miller and other fanatics take responsibility if these views and ignorance are taken literally by people prone to violence in the Cayman Islands, and more foreign workers are attacked and injured, or killed? I will not even comment on the merits of the hospital being built, or the Government's efforts to revive a struggling economy through the construction of the hospital, and medical tourism that should result from the project. What I will say to McKeeva Bush is that he should make sure that the Bill of Rights is introduced into Cayman Islands law on schedule so that the laws that apply can be brought to bear on hateful beings such as this one. I can guarantee Ms Casandra Miller that if she were living in Britain, the United States, or Canada today, a visit from the police and charges of inciting racial and religious hatred and violence would probably result from her writing such a letter, and rightfully so. Regards.


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