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Letter: Idiot helicopter in Cayman Brac

Published on Friday, April 16, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

I cannot believe what I just witnessed with my own two eyes. I watched a huge helicopter fly across Cayman Brac´s Southside heading east; so far no problem. To my horror it turned in to the Bluff where the largest (current) active nesting grounds for our Brown Boobies and Tropic Birds are concentrated. The idiot didn't just fly over - he/she hovered!

I was in shock, I took my binoculars and sure enough I saw that the winds were whipping the dust up right over those birds and their babies. I usually watch them every single day and those baby birds are left alone most of the afternoon unprotected while their parents fish. They are perched on the very edge of that Bluff.

Our animal population had been crushed by Hurricane Paloma, now Grand Cayman is sending over their 'weapons of mass bird extinction' to finish them off. Whoever knows who this idiot(s) is/are - please tell them to keep their bloody helicopter in Grand Cayman if they don't know the lay of the land in the Brac.

Quite frankly I don't care who they are, who I've offended or how much money or political clout they have. If it was just an act of ignorance, someone better get them educated quickly.

I would certainly think this would be newsworthy for the media to investigate this atrocity! There needs to be legal action taken to prevent this from ever happening again! Cayman Brac isn't a freak show and this pilot or whoever is responsible for what happened today needs to be called to task. CIAA, DoE, The National Trust in both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac have been informed.

Kathleen Bodden-Harris
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Brac Lover:
I would think the airport people would have information on this helicopter. Moses Kirk Connel should investigate this.

Daniel Gless:
Kathleen; did you happen to get an ID number/letters off the helicopter? That would be the first thing to do, then turn them into law enforcement or air enforcement, or even conservation officers. That would be a great step towards stopping the intrusions on the bird population.

Topaz Groves:
Our animal population has endured the toughest of weather, so help make life easier for them; I agree.

Practical Person:
The RCIP helicopter has been involved in training maneuvers recently; maybe some homework needs to be done before blaming irresponsible actions on private entities. Maybe the police donít have the political clout or money, or better yet, the knowledge of the fragile environment they are flying close to. Hope it will result in more awareness and education and cooperation.


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