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Letter: This is really ridiculous

Published on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

This is really ridiculous (“Letter: What has happened to the women's U-17 league?”). I am a Women's United Player also, while you guys sit there on your computer and discriminate against the National Team and Women’s United, we’re out on the field working very, very hard to try and become a better player. You all are just trying your hardest to put us down. This is really sad; stop complaining about us. None of you guys know what we do to try and win every match. Before you chat about us, you all should know what we’re about.

Listen, when Women’s United first started, it was a bunch of 12, 13, and 14 year-olds. The oldest was about 16 or 17 and most of the girls could not kick a ball from point A to point B, but what we did is train very hard to reach where we are now, so none of you guys should say a word about Women’s United having the best players. What you should do is train your players hard too and stop whining.

You all should be ashamed saying all that stuff about, ''Why would CIFA postpone the women’s and girls’ football season until the national team is finished traveling.'' Because the national team is playing for our country! While the under-17 national team is away, you all are there chatting negative things about them, when you all should be supporting them and not bringing them down.

''Who expects to beat them? So we must wait for them to come home to kick our butts again when we could have been playing and practicing and improving our game all this time''.

Who is stopping you or your team from playing football? While some of Women’s United players are away playing for your country, you all should be practicing and playing practice games. Stop complaining and go and train hard. It’s not CIFA that is bringing women’s football down, it’s all of you negative people.

No you all shouldn’t sit around at home and wait for Women’s United to return. Go do something on the field and improve your game too.

And get your facts straight -- Cherry did not pick our team. The ones who left Future formed a team of their own. And for Fay, the game against Sunset was fair, so don't hate please. We were playing with eight people on the field and we still managed to keep up our game.

Pablo: No talented player was ignored, most of the girls got a letter to come out for tryouts, and most of them refused, so please know your facts before posting things. And how dare you say, ''Women's United tend to have a very bad disrespectful attitude on the field. Winning is great, but not with a poor attitude''. Really now? I think I should keep my words to myself for this one.

Giselle Johnson
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