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Letter: Weeds not fruits in Cayman at the moment

Published on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Thank God for this measured and balanced response (“Letter: Shocked by tirade against Indians”) to the disgraceful, ill-informed, inaccurate and prejudiced letter of Casandra Miller.

Some people in Cayman may share Ms Miller's sentiments, but the vast majority, including Christians, do not, I am sure. I hope not.

Hindus represent one of the oldest world religions on the planet -- more than 2,000 years before Abraham the Indus civilisation was. Hindus believe in godly creation, holy living, peace and devotion to God. Mohatma Gandhi -- a Hindu -- was one of the greatest men of peace who ever lived, and a great influence to the Christian, Martin Luther King Jr. There is also one God in Hinduism -- Brahman -- who is represented by their many gods - a little like the many names for God in Christianity; Islam and Judaism -- the religion of Jesus.

But it is impossible to give a summary of the religious complexities that Ms Miller clearly has no understanding of, in a short response. Suffice to say that so-called demonic activity is rampant in what was once a peaceful island -- Grand Cayman -- murders, rape, abduction, robbery, assault, theft, wife beating, lying, disobedient children, hatred and false pride.

Christianity surely is known by its fruits -- rather a lot of weeds in Cayman at the moment. May God help us all.

F. Lopez
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