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Letter: What do Cayman churches have to say on this issue?

Published on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

D. Stacado, you are obviously not from the Cayman Islands; Casandra Miller is.

I am originally from the Cayman Islands, now live in Britain and have lived in Jamaica, the USA and Canada, all nominally Christian countries.

There have been Indian nationals living in the Cayman Islands from the late 1980s.

Some of the best doctors working at the George Town hospital, treating Caymanians and all other residents of the Cayman Islands have hailed from India and are respected and loved members of Caymanian society.

I worked with a crew of Indian engineers upgrading the CUC facility back in the early 1990s, ate with them, socialised with them and we remain fast friends until this day. Many of them have returned to work in Cayman for the contractor that originally brought them to Cayman, who is now Dart's engineering contractor.

Local establishments in the Cayman Islands have a number of Indian nationals on their staff involved in security and restaurant businesses in the Cayman Islands as we speak.

How do you think the nationals of India working in the Cayman Islands and have been for years now, feel about the hate-filled vitriol that you and Casandra Miller have put forth in print?

I am asking you and Casandra Miller to seriously think about your own values and Christianity, if Christians you claim to be.

Casandra Miller is Caymanian and would well know of the 'Christian' heritage of wife beating and domestic abuse that is a part of Caymanian society but is rarely spoken of but does not define every Caymanian family.

What brings me to question is why has Casandra Miller chosen to attack the Indian population at precisely this time when a hospital project is being proposed when she could have done so many years before now.

As she has said in her letter, 'there is more here than meets the eye' and as a resident of New York, maybe you should first address the violence that your home 'Christian' city is well known for before you choose to support Casandra Miller.

My question is does Casandra Miller's priest or pastor and congregation of whichever Christian church she is a member of in the Cayman Islands support her views also?

It will now be very interesting to see if the Cayman Ministers Association or any other Christian organisations remain totally silent on this issue.

Ricardo Tatum
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