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Letter: God asks us to open our eyes and our hearts

Published on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

D. Stacado, New York - The honour killings Ms Casandra Miller referred to have nothing to do with religion, but rather the tribal or ethnic caste system that still controls many of the poorer regions of India, Pakistan, etc; very similar to the Caymans treatment of Jamaicans under the current immigration rollover.

Ms Miller’s letter should not be appreciated or praised. This letter does not promote acceptance and tolerance -- two mainstays of Christianity -- but it highlights ignorance and xenophobia. Do you really think a well educated qualified Indian doctor is going to come from the same uneducated tribal region that still practices tribal beliefs? Most of his staff studied in the US or UK. By the way, Dr Shetty donates free operations to the poor all the time; he is a philanthropist.

He was Mother Theresa's (now a Christian saint) personal physician. I wonder if Mother Theresa, an icon of Christianity, had the same phobia that Ms Miller has before she went for a checkup. No, Mother Theresa accepted all as God's children, regardless of race, creed, and colour.

If we judge a religion based on violence; then why is it that Bombay (the highest crime city in India) has a crime rate less than 10 percent of the safest city in the US, your hometown, New York? Must be a lot of violent Christians beating on their wives. God asks us to open our eyes and our hearts, not close them with racial and xenophobic rants. Ms Miller did not study other religions or cultures; if she did, perhaps she would see the world through a Christian’s eyes, like Mother Theresa. Ms Miller was way wrong.

Michael Anderson
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Kaylon Mull:
You should read it; it is a good story.


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