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Letter: The attitude towards outspoken women

Published on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

All too often we have witnessed the “male chauvinist pig” attitude towards outspoken women of the Cayman Islands. Those responsible keep attacking women in these forums. Some of them, especially two of them, never take on a man of their own size, and they get mad and enraged when the truth is told; it makes them furious and nervous. Caymanians need to keep an eye on those individuals who become enraged because someone dares to tell the truth, and the real truth concerning issues facing the people of the Cayman Islands.

These same persons have never been known to take a real stand or position on anything worthwhile, to move the country forward. The Caymanian people have those amongst them that do not mean them any earthly good, and do not have their best interest at heart. To suggest that Ms Casandra Miller exercising her right to freedom of speech should be punished, is as communistic and socialistic as can be, coming from the big mouth of those individuals who are always preaching freedom of speech for all. When does this hypocrisy end?

I am especially surprised at Ricardo Tatum, who has attacked Cayman's judiciary on many occasions over and over again, with all the education and knowledge he claims to have.

This chauvinist and cowardly approach or attitude to the truth being exposed is a disappointment; as it seems that the same people appear to continue advocating for that which is anti-Caymanian, anti-Christian, anti-freedom of speech for women, and leaning to the far left. These apparent haters of Christianity, and everything Godly, have actually taken it upon themselves to attempt to silence the voice of Ms Miller, who speaks out on an issue that can affect the future of the people of the Cayman Islands forever. What audacity.

If you consider yourselves intelligent citizens, you must be able to define what is hate speech, what is truly an attack on Indians and Dr Shetty, and what is the truth. We are all aware that a certain group residing inside and outside the Cayman Islands has a big problem with the truth; it hurts!

I read her letter, and Ms Miller did not use hate speech, and did not attack Dr Shetty, as some of you fabricate for personal and selfish reasons just to make trouble. Ms Miller had a right to, and did raise concerns about the possible overshadowing of the freedom of Christian religion, which is primary in this region and is inevitable, based on the current projections by the government's recent hospital proposal.

If you're an atheist or agnostic, shortsighted instead of having a real vision for the future of these islands; we understand. You just don't seem to know any better. But your constant behaviour when women speak out on behalf of the good of the Cayman Islands, speaks volumes about the character and personality of any male figure who is always attacking females with verbal battery and assault, while being scared to sign their names in other forums. That's a bully, and a coward!

Congratulations, Ms Miller; we need more women like you to bring the truth to the people of the Cayman Islands. The women should be proud of you, and very grateful for the information and questions you raised. You have guts!

John Smith
Texas, USA
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Ricardo Tatum:
John Smith of Texas, USA:
Please read Mike Anderson's comment in the Online Forum section of today's newspaper and take from it whatever useful advice that applies to you, along with who it was addressed to.
It has been quite obvious that you, and a certain other individual who has contributed extensively to public opinion expressed in this newspaper, support a certain mentality and political doctrine and culture that is very powerful in the Cayman Islands, but has its roots in the conservative, right-wing, racist element of the countries of Western Europe and whose champion, Adolf Hitler, turned this culture into a near-religion, and almost destroyed the world in doing so. You choose to interpret every opinion that does not agree with your philosophy through political eyes; which tells me everything I need to know about you.
The racist, xenophobic views expressed by Casandra Miller are very much a political tool of your culture and do not fool other people, and this is why it will always face stern opposition from those of us who think differently, just as Adolf Hitler did. Let the Christians of the Cayman Islands now speak for themselves and we will see whether yours' and Casandra Miller's brand of right-wing, racist, neo-nazi political Christianity truly represents the majority of the Christians of the Cayman Islands in their attitude towards the law-abiding and upright citizens of other countries, religions, and cultures; who they have invited to live, work and exist among them. God help the Cayman Islands and its future if your views are in the majority.


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