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Letter: Under the carpet

Published on Thursday, April 22, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

I do share the sentiment of the letter writer on the topic "Because we allow them to, they think they can". During my eight years of service with the Royal Cayman Island Police Service, I compared and contrasted the similarities of the crime I policed in Jamaica, my native home and, as a result, I compiled a poem labeled "Under the Carpet".

It stipulates my observations and the sad situation that I foresee coming to the Cayman Islands; a place that I had gotten to love. I submitted a copy of this poem, or social commentary, to the Cayman Compass and they published it. The drawback was that they attached my full name; as a result, I was suspended from duty for a year, though they had no evidence of any breach in protocol. My contract was terminated and I left the Islands in 2004, but God has blessed me and I am now my own boss, operating a Security Guard, Recovery and Investigative Agency in South Florida,

I have been asked since then by many Caymanians to re-publish the poem, as it describes the present situation of the crime perfectly so, if you may allow me to, I would once again share it with you all.

Under the Carpet

You say that he hath founded it on the seas
But without Jamaica where would you be
You have turned your backs upon your past,
The ones who feed you, you thought of last
And because their homeland seems ridden with crime
You didn’t know it would soon be your time
You continued pampering your delinquent ones
Whose aspirations are to have a gun
But whose fault can it be!
You bought them paint ball guns from their eyes were at their knees
My friend told you there were gangs in your schools
You ridiculed him and call him a fool
And because he is from far away
You suppressed him, not a word could he say
And now the decision is for you to make
Are you willing to give your people a break?
I sometimes wonder how a parent can
Support their child in a life of wrong
And how will they feel when they have to cry
Getting the news their child had just died

Glenford Winchester Taylor
18 May 2003
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