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Letter: CITA supports many issues stated in Open Letter

Published on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, CITA wishes to express the support on many of the issues stated in the recent “Open Letter from members of the private sector to the Governor, the Honourable Premier, all elected members of cabinet, and all other members of the Legislative Assembly”.

We would also like to applaud the Civil Service for agreeing to take a pay cut and doing their part to help during these difficult times.

As leaders of the Tourism Industry we are committed to working with the newly formed National Investment Council to tackle some of the issues and make recommendations for revenue measures.

CITA is opposed to implementing any direct taxation, value added tax or increasing existing duties or fees. CITA does not feel that you can position the choice of direct taxation OR raising duties/fees as an "either or" scenario. We further stress the message to our Government published by our colleagues that the fundamental issue is the need to reduce the size and expense of government and divest other enterprises that would be better served by the private sector.

Government should be reducing taxes, fees and duties to stimulate and grow the economy, resulting in growth in government revenues. Doing nothing or increasing the cost of business will shrink our economy.

CITA would like to stress that the following points need further consideration of their scope before taking action steps:

* "Dredge a Deep Water Channel" in the North Sound. CITA is supportive of exploring the business development of the Mega Yacht Services Industry, but believe other options are available and simply limiting the dredging to the main channel to return it to its original depth is all that is necessary.

* "Move the dump". Urgent action is needed to find a solution for managing Cayman's solid waste disposal, reducing the volume of waste we produce as a country and ingrain a recycling program as a way of life. Moving the problem elsewhere is not the solution. The dump can be moved, but only if it is used as an opportunity to restore the contaminated brownfield site and create a new modern waste management and recycling facility of the future.

*"Approve Gaming Licenses". CITA supports efforts to immediately initiate and facilitate informed debate regarding gaming and also supports a referendum to determine the countries position on casinos and gaming.

We look forward to playing an active role in finding solutions. The current economic challenges are not “their” problem it’s “our” problem and together we need to adapt and move forward. We cannot stand still, now is the time for our government to take action to protect the future of our economy, our environment and our society.

For more information about CITA’s top priorities and tourism position visit or contact CITA at 345-949-8522.

Trina Christian
Executive Director
Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA)
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