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Letter: Time warp

Published on Thursday, May 20, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The recent outburst and financial threats against the news media by our first Premier is nothing short of what Idi Amin would have done. Transparency, open government and the rule of law be damned. I am not calling our Premier Big Daddy, but this action sure is showing the same symptoms, short of beheadings. It would be nice if the Governor would make a statement on this unfortunate event to calm the waters unnecessarily riled. Foreign investors, tourist and the civilised world need to know that we are a civilised people.

Our Premier did not mean what he said. His blood pressure was up when he made that outburst of temper. He is not a bad person and he means well. It’s just that the world has changed and he has not understood this yet. President Bush and Mr Cheney were caught in this same time warp that our Premier is now in. He will get better once he understands the world has changed drastically when he was last in control of our government.

Our Premier has more positives then negatives. It is unfortunate that he would do something like this without realising the repercussions that would fall on our small country. I am sure he will apologise to the nation and get back to business of dealing with the necessities.

I do want to see him succeed because we all will. I pray for him and our country every night.

Albert Jackson
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Everette Humphrey:
The writer is correct in that today's leaders are in a time warp. Let's hope you do not do as we in the US have done and elect a leader that has even less understanding of today's situation. He is making things so much worse here in the US; that the Bush/Chaney administrations look like miracle workers and geniuses.


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