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Letter: Christians are not dictators

Published on Monday, May 31, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Based on the reports I have been reading recently, the Cayman Islands really have a serious problem. Undoubtedly the great influx in immigration is indeed responsible for the importation of thousands of immigrants in this small country. Because the country is so very small, the impact and the adjustment to accommodate new cultures is very difficult, especially in the face of an economic crisis, as well as the lack of government focusing on providing adequate education to the young people to be able to compete in the work force.

This should be a wakeup call to Caymanians who have every right to question, censure, inquire via the Freedom of Information Act, and if need be, put government on notice in regards to their efforts, their success, their goals, their long-term and short-term plans to put their people first and make education available to them at the highest level, and at affordable cost, and free in cases where needed.

This is the only recourse I believe that will help pull Caymanians out of the distress and fear of not being able to survive socially and economically in their own country; because they are outnumbered all at the hands of governments that keep selling the birthright of the people for the almighty dollar and the highest bidder.

It’s time stop electing leaders that invite people into your country to compete with you in the job market, and to outnumber you! This can only lead to an accelerated path to citizenship, and consequently you will have a Filipino premier, or a Jamaican premier, an American premier, or a Canadian premier one of these fine days! Their interest will be to help and promote their own people! Caymanians will be last (if not already).

If you have a government that keeps an open door policy to invite/import foreign labour into this very small country, then please take a fool’s advice; that is not the government, the political party, nor the premier that you need. He will not at all make life better for you. It’s time to keep an eye on what is happening around you. Everybody that says they are Christians are not, and everybody that says they are a Christian political leader, is not. The Bible says, “By their fruits ye shall know them”!

Christians bearing good spiritual fruit do not try to take away, or threaten to take away, free speech from the country's citizens! Christians bearing good fruit according to Galatians chapter 5 do not threaten people with jail when they express their ideas or frustrations. Christians do not deprive citizens of their constitutional rights. Christians are not dictators!

Satan tried to dictate to God in heaven and he was thrown out. When leaders become, or express their overnight dictatorship, it’s time to make plans on how you will protect yourself from them until the next election when you should have enough sense to vote them out! It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Any leader that threatens its people with imprisonment because they express themselves freely, as is their citizen right and God given right; he or she is a dictator. It is yet to be seen if the UK and the US will tolerate another Cuba in the West Indies! I don't think so.

Caymanians; wake up and stop being so gullible, ignorant, and useless. Stand up for your children, if nothing else. If you don't stand up against dictatorship when it raises its ugly head; you and your children will suffer with the same oppression, suppression, misery, and terror that other Caribbean neighbors and third world people are experiencing.

C. Miller
Tampa, FL
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