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Letter: A sad day in the Cayman Islands

Published on Thursday, June 10, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

This is a sad day in the Cayman Islands (“Letter: An investigation is called for into school complaints”). The action taken against these victimised children is a terror.

Regardless of how many teachers in the system are supporting this action that will have serious social consequences, we as an intelligent society are fully aware that this is not the way forward for our youth.

There are many ways in which to kill a chicken without wringing his head off! Some other form of punishment could have been used to correct these children's behaviour.

Education is first a constitutional right, and then a privilege which should not be taken for granted; it’s the student's prerogative.

There are far too many foreign teachers in the school system that are prejudiced and biased against our local kids and they will deliberately victimise them for the least little thing, just because they can.

We have all seen the demonstration of our current government's dictatorship in action; could this be a political ploy? Were these kids on a political hit list? 65 children not graduating is nothing to sneeze at! Obviously these kids have been victimised!

The other newspaper seems to be suppressing the possible truth and high suspicion of what happened to these students in a letter I read on CNS by another contributor. Something in this milk is not clean and I smell a rat a big one!

As a parent, I feel that these children were indeed targeted.

Someone please investigate; get the list of names of the children that were not allowed to graduate, check it out and see if their parents are of any particular political party or interest, This looks very political!

If it is, we have to get to the bottom of it, expose it, and hold those responsible for such harsh acts of terror against these children.

Please be reminded that the Christian schools do not handle these situations any better than the public schools, so don't let anything surprise you.

Where are these children going to go? Was this planned? It’s a disgrace, and a shameful act committed by people in our society. The work permits or contracts of those vindictive teachers or principal responsible for such a harsh attack on our society must be cancelled and revoked!

Casandra Miller
Tampa, Fla
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John Smith:
Cayman Math Teacher;
Wake up. Yes, it is widely known that foreigners have some sort of loyalty to a political party here. The UDP, whose leader is responsible for granting over 3,000 status holders, has gotten the support of expats in hope of more favors coming from him! All to inconvenience the poor natives. That's a nice addition to the voter registry, Ms Math Teacher, and he's planning to grant more if the people don't stand up and stop him; so your calculations regarding the outcome of the situation are a bit off.

The situation with those children was not handled properly and the Minister for Education, Mr Anglin, was a grave disappointment in not coming forward and speaking to the public. That is very poor performance on his part. For him to speak may put his foot in his own mouth, as no one wants to take responsibility for this saga that is being played out. The 65 children not graduating are not totally to blame. The system and the parents have a part to play, but at least the Minister for Education should show some respect and some responsibility to speak to the public on such an important issue.
People; this is what you elected; the UDP that continue to ignore the people and their requests for answers. The PPM is no better. The only way forward for the Cayman Islands is a strong Independent party. You should begin to have meetings and conventions and make your Tea Party strong before 2013; you have three years to work on this...don't blow it away. Ezzard; get cracking!

Cayman Math Teacher:
I'm sorry I don't understand your point exactly; you criticize foreign teachers, and at the same time say that these kids have some form of political affiliation. Do you think foreigners have some form of loyalty to a certain political party? Please explain, because I find your above article very amusing.


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