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Letter: What else is there to do on Grand Cayman?

Published on Friday, June 11, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

As a cruise ship visitor to Grand Cayman, and also a stay over visitor, I must agree with the “Cruising Magazine” article and this editorial (“Are we committing destination suicide?”). Grand Cayman has much to offer the cruise ship visitor, but only four are widely known: Stingray City, snorkeling/scuba diving, Seven Mile Beach, and shopping. I once had a fellow cruiser ask me, “What else is there to do on Grand Cayman?” I was hard pressed to come up with an answer. After thinking awhile, I remembered the Turtle Farm, the skate board park, and the botanical gardens.

I would humbly suggest that the Tourism Association gather stakeholders (resident tour operators), and come up with island based tours that include these attractions, as well as others; i.e. The Glass House, original Cayman houses, museums, and the local vendors outdoor market. I stumbled upon the local vendors market, and absolutely loved talking to these folks about their wares. I often suggest other cruise visitors go visit them.

One other sore spot for cruise visitors; build the cruise ship pier. I understand it is finally underway, but it is way, way overdue. There is nothing more disappointing that getting to Grand Cayman and finding we cannot get to the island because rough seas make the tender process unusable. One more positive point to make; the fact that no one is allowed to hassle people on the beach to buy stuff is so wonderful. You should promote this widely. It can really be a hassle to constantly say “No, thank you” fifty times while trying to relax on the beaches in Mexico.

Another suggestion which comes to mind is building shaded open sided shelters to rent to locals who are licensed to give massages. A massage on the beach for a reasonable price, in a lovely shaded area will bring in lots of your female visitors. Spread these along Seven Mile Beach, so a person doesn't have to walk a mile to find one; added benefit of more jobs for residents.

Diane Fielder
Texas, USA
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