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Letter: Another sad exchange of unproven accusations and xenophobia

Published on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Oh dear. This is another sad exchange of unproven accusations and xenophobia in these letters of Ms Smith and Ms Miller (“Letter: An investigation is called for into school complaints”).

I feel sorry for any parent who has to cope with children who are struggling to succeed in the education system, but there are very clear expectations for graduation, I'm sure, including the behaviour and effort of the child. Just because a student can flourish outside a school does not mean they are succeeding as well within it, and there can be many reasons for that.

Ultimately, the student has to do certain work, obey certain codes and follow rules. Failure to do this will result in a failure to graduate for any student; regardless of background. However; I hope the schools will continue to improve their communication with parents and students so that there are fewer casualties of the system and more early intervention and opportunities for success.

Nevertheless, the tirade Ms Miller embarks upon is redolent of previous discrimination she has uttered elsewhere. There are “far too many foreign teachers”, as she puts it, because not enough Caymanians want to be educators or have the necessary qualifications. The idea that teachers victimise, and are prejudiced and biased against local children is nothing short of libelous. What proof does Ms Miller have? How much classroom observations in Cayman's schools has she done? And if she thinks foreign teachers have either the time or inclination to pursue the interests of political parties they may not even vote for, then Ms Miller has completely lost the plot.

Ultimately, standards must be raised in Cayman - high expectations for student responsibility, parental responsibility, and teacher responsibility. The educators have systems of accountability which can be proven.

The society, “the village” needs to support the effort of teachers when children only spend six hours a day, five times a week with them; less vacation time. The majority of their time, the nurture and influences are outside of school.

F. Lopez
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Michael Anderson:
Yes agreed, Ms Miller, you will notice, posts her bigoted, racial and xenophobic rants from the comfort of Tampa... The ultimate in hypocrisy living in a country based on a multiple culture model with freedom of religion, culture and beliefs and a bill of rights... You are right - Ms Miller is so far wrong it is frightening, her moral compass is so far off track - I wonder why they even bother to publish her rants...


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