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Letter: A chain reaction is coming

Published on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Great editorial (“Getting the government we deserve”)!

The Cayman Islands are going through a very interesting time now, and the people that were voted in to run its affairs should start with cutting their huge salaries. It has always been expensive to live in the Cayman Islands; its citizens are always struggling to live a half decent life, because of how expensive it is there.

The youths of Cayman are always in the right for their parents or I should say as long as they are Caymanians, and this is part of the problem that is brewing and will face the Caymans in a couple of years. The rise in violent crimes is on the increase, and with that comes economic downfall, you will soon start watching investors staying away from doing business there, and that will only increase the burden on government and its citizens. The chain reaction is coming and it is very near.

The government must address the living conditions of its citizen and expats who work so tirelessly day in day out to keep the Islands afloat. I have lived in the Cayman Islands, and one of the biggest threats to the Islands is its people and what they stand for.

The cost of living in the Caymans is ridiculous and now the government is increasing the prices of gas and electricity; this would make the Caymans the most expensive place to live in the whole West Indies.

The last administration played the "because you are Caymanian" you have the right to whatever and however in your country, but Caymanians must always remember that it takes two to tango, and you must treat people the way you want to be treated.

The future for the Cayman Islands is looking bleak. If the current problems that they now face are not dealt with in a prompt and efficiently they are in big, big trouble. Take a look at Greece and what is about to happen in Spain.

Here is some of what the government has to deal with: educating your youth, cutting government spending, treating foreign workers better, invest in your people and make them accountable, improve living conditions for expat workers, stop allowing employers to treat their expat workers like there are nobodies, cut the cost of living to your citizens so they can improve their living conditions and the politicians must take a 20 percent pay cut. After all they make as much six times the average worker.

Caymanians, you had better start doing something before something serious happens. The youths are frustrated.

Leroy Henry
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