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Letter: Desmond Seales' passing is a blow to aspiring journalists

Published on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In August of 2005 I went back home to my country, Belize, after the death of my beloved mother Josephine Sampson and sister Jean Noralez.

I was planning to leave after the burials and return to my adopted home of twenty-three years, New York City. Before leaving to Belize, I received reliable information that Belize’s political, social and economic conditions were getting worse and warranted immediate attention.

I ended up staying in Belize for six months before I returned to the United States.

After a couple weeks in Belize I came to the conclusion that the information I received about the state of affairs was accurate. I contacted the local Belize newspapers to see if there was a possibility I could contribute a weekly column to write about the conditions in Belize. The only person that accepted my offer was editor in chief Mike Flores for the Liberator.

I made it my business to read all the weekly newspapers and I found most of the news to be partisan and sugarcoated in support of the political parties they supported. The true state of affairs in Belize was withheld from the general Belizean population. This is a dangerous game for the media to practice in a developing country. I decided there and then that when I returned to the United States I was going to look for a media source that “tells it like it is”. When I read the Caribbean Net News for the first time, I saw myself as a member of this family.

I contacted Desmond Seales and he asked me to submit a copy of my writing to the editor, Barry Randall. I wrote a detailed article describing the true state of affairs under the then People’s United Party under the leadership of the then prime minister Said Musa. That article received much positive feedback and since then I have been a columnist for this reliable and reputable news source.

I will always be appreciative of Mr Seales for giving me this opportunity to display a gift I discovered about myself later on in my life. I hope and pray that other media heads throughout the world would be like him and open the doors for many aspiring writers who yearn for the opportunity to tell the truth and shame the devil. I am still waiting for the Belize press to make my articles available to the general public while it is now in the international media arena.

Wellington C. Ramos
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