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Letter: The gun issue... again

Published on Monday, July 26, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Every so often an incident occurs whereby the populace is made aware graphically or otherwise of a self evident truth that has been denied and ignored by the powers that be for reasons best known to themselves.

The fatal shooting of a man who despite being electronically monitored and being a known criminal on bail, somehow managed to unscrew a home owner’s hurricane shutters at 2am and enter a private home occupied by two elderly people, crystallises the fact that the police and the people who administer justice and punishment in these islands are incompetent.

To compound matters, my perception is that the home owner is fortunate to have been a member of the Gun Club; otherwise he would not have been granted a licence.

If the Gun Club kept records [and they do not] one would be able to look back and see how often the member actually visited the Sport Shooting Association over the last ten years and used his weapon.

In other words membership in the Gun Club is neither here nor there when determining the suitability of allowing someone a private firearm licence.

The purpose of these comments is to once more appeal to the legislators to fix this issue because I am certain that people will arm themselves legally or otherwise in order to defend themselves and their family.

I thank God that the homeowner and his wife were not found beaten or dead by family a few days later because the murderer would never be found since he could have been “reliably” placed at his home by the electronic monitor.

Victor Look Loy
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