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Back to School fashion must-haves

Published on Friday, August 28, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

Fashion mimics current culture and trends. This year’s back to school fashion is influenced by the early ‘80s, when the global economy was coming out of a recession. People were still a bit leery about spending money, so fashion trends revolved around staple pieces that could be paired with multiple pieces. Punk rock and heavy music metal also started to crop up leaving disco and fluffy pop rock behind. These elements are influencing fall 2009 fashion.

› Clothing Trends

The fall 2009 fashion forecast is black, metallics, grays, darker reds and blues. All of these colours and textures can be combined with one another to form multiple outfits. Today’s economy limits buyers’ spending, so pieces that can be used with other multiple garments are best bets. An example is black jeans with a silver metallic T-shirt. The jeans can also be dressed up with red top and metallic accessories.

Layering is going to be another big trend in the fall. Teens can dress in layers during the school day or can also mix up the outfit a bit to dressing for an outdoor activity, meeting up with friends, or even going to a party. A must-have for both girls and guys is a light jacket cropped for girls and regular length for the guys.

› Jeans, Skirts and Accessories

Jeans are still going to be a staple in teen closets for the fall. Baggy pants are out and skinny jeans or tighter fitting jeans are in for both girls and guys. Skirts and dress hemlines will primarily be mid-thigh, which means goodbye to the micro-mini skirt. Bright colours are gone; however, bright mustard yellow seems to be the accent color for outfits: belts/sashes, coats, and headbands.

› Shoes for Teens in Fall 2009

One of the hottest shoe trends in the ‘80s was personalised shoes. Teens then often took permanent markers to their sneakers to individually decorate them. Some styles today allow for personalisation of a name or statement to be stitched on the shoe.

No. 1 Shoe Shop has various styles and lines that can go very well with school uniforms as well as regular outfits. Check out their back to school specials by visiting the store along Walkers Road in George Town.


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