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Shoe Trends for Fall 2009 - Winter 2010

Published on Friday, September 4, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

Shoe fashion trends for Fall 2009-Winter 2010 differ from previous trends with strictness of forms and colours. The new season seems to be much more ‘practical’ than last year’s.

There are no more strange forms, motley palette and huge elements. Now couturiers choose quality, simplicity and style.

Of course some fashion designers presented their extravagant lines of footwear as well, but in the time of economic decline it looks defiant. Try to choose easy-to-wear styles. Currently, timeless footwear is top trendy.

The colour palette for the coming cold season looks dark, nearly mystic. Near-black and black and colors that go between midnight blue, asphalt, dark green, petrol, dark violet and deep reds display themselves from an inconceivable side. Neutral skin and leather tones set confrontations to this extraordinary darkness with a difference of shades from beige to grey to taupe. Red and berry shades bring life into the good mood. Medium brown tones, particularly the trend colour cognac, will bring new thrust into the footwear fashion.

The discrepancy of the past Summer 2009 is continued, with forms ranging from rounded oval shapes to shortened and from square-toe styles to the so-called iron tips. Height is in, from 6-inch stilettos, stable square, platform, wedge or trapezoid heel of different heights, the higher the better. Ankle boots and Over-The-Knee boots will be the main trend.

Interesting details can be on shoes too. Exotic animal prints are definitely in. Some footwear has fringe, stones, flowers, and will vary in texture. But detailing is minimum, not like on shoes Spring/Summer 2009.

Over-the-knee boots were all over at the Fall 2009 runways. The styles ranged from stocking-like to trouser-like in their semblance. Materials for these can be leather, suede, silk or lace. Popular colours are black, grey, brown, red. They can be worn with short dresses and mini skirts and of course with knickerbockers or with trousers and skinny jeans, perfect over tights and long socks. You can put on over-the-knee boots to the office or to a party and be in style. Of course, you can also opt to buy just high boots.

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