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Bestselling Author - Beguiles audience

Published on Friday, September 11, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

Best selling Author, Eric Jerome Dickey, at Books & Books, Camana Bay.

By Christopher Tobutt

Eric Jerome Dickey, best-selling author of twelve novels including Naughty or Nice, Drive Me Crazy, Thieves’ Paradise and The Other Woman, gave a presentation of his new summer sizzler, Resurrecting Midnight in a packed auditorium of Hollywood Theaters, Camana Bay, on Wednesday, 26 August.

Afterwards, the crowd walked the short distance to Books & Books, where the celebrated author signed copies of his books.

Mr Dickey did not, apparently, set off to be a writer, however. Rather, he gained a degree in computer systems before working as an engineer in the aerospace industry. Mr Dickey also worked for a while as a middle-school teacher, and after doing some stand-up comedy he began writing short stories, and from there progressed to full-length novels.

The novelist clearly puts his varied life experience to good use, drawing on it again and again in his work, to give his stories the sense of reality that is so often lacking in other less accomplished writers.

Appearing before an auditorium filled with a nearly exclusively female audience, Mr Dickey began reading from his book, The Other Woman, a depiction of a married woman’s feelings on the discovery of her husband having an affair, and then from the book, Resurrecting Midnight, a very different kind of novel; the latest in his series based around the character Gideon, a rootless and ruthless international assassin who operates in the twilight realm of invisible, organized crime.

Apart from reading from his books, Mr Dickey spent much time describing his technique to the audience, and the way it has evolved.

Noticeable from the beginning was the quality of character description, a feature that The Other Woman shared with Resurrecting Midnight. The author makes his characters come alive, so however unbelievable they would be in the hands of a lesser author, they are real enough here.

The Other Woman is a tender and heartfelt description of the feelings of woman, married for many years, who suddenly finds she has been betrayed by her husband’s infidelity.

Resurrecting Midnight showed perhaps just some of this author’s ability to write well across different genres. It is fast-paced and action filled, and yet manages to get under the skin of not only the central character, Gideon, but also the other main characters in the novel as well.

We feel his characters are real, however far their ultradynamic lifestyles seem different from ours, and because of its genuineness, his novels possess the ability to keep us on the edge of our seats, turning the pages as we share in each of the characters’ many-layered emotions as the plot unfolds.

Resurrecting Midnight describes how Gideon is forced to take on an assignment which will take him from Miami to Buenos Aires, whilst trying to locate a briefcase containing just one part of a much larger ‘puzzle.’ Gideon is both the hunter and the hunted, as he is the target for other paid assassins, in this strange and dark underworld of crime.

The audience, engrossed from Mr Dickey’s reading, also gained plenty of insight into the unique processes that go into producing each book and were able to interact with him in the Q & A session that ensued.

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