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Lions Club of Grand Cayman: 37th Year Anniversary Charter Night Celebrations

Published on Friday, October 9, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Mwangi Ngamate

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman held its 37th anniversary Charter Night at the Lions Centre on Saturday 3 October.

The President of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, Deborah Ebanks, paid tribute to various members who in the past had made the club a success.

“Tribute must be paid to our forefathers and those who played a role. Tonight I pay special tribute to late Lions Les Ward and Bernard Cridland who traveled back and forth from Jamaica together with Lion Peter Balls here on Grand Cayman.”

She noted how Lion Peter Balls insisted that the Lions Club of Grand Cayman must have a local President. He then shared this with Lion Thomas (Tommy) Hurlston who agreed, and on October 6, 1972, the Lions Club of Grand Cayman received their charter from Lions International.

Those named in the original charter members were: President Thomas Hurlston, First Vice President; Barry Phillips, Second Vice President David Arch, Secretary Gaston Maloney, Treasurer Richard Graham Taylor, Assistant Secretary Rex Rankine, Lloyd R. Charlton, David Peynado, Frank Balderamos, Kenneth C Hall, Vernie S Coe, George Bodden, Dwight Carter, Kendall Thompson,Kelvin Thompson, DB Wight,Peter Wight, Daniel Simmons, Allen Turner, Len Cohen, Leonard Hew, Danny Hew, Patrick Johnson, Peter Balls, Heber Arch, George Seymour, Royce M Powell, Alberto Estevanovich, T Leon Pierce, Desmond Seales, Barclay Coe, Hurley Merren, Albun H Whittaker Jr, Hugh Kirkaldy, David Squire, Albhens Spence, Lawrence M George, Dr Henry M McGladdery, Bergman A Dilbert, Bruce Hurting, Oswell Rankine, Ulric Coe and Kirkland H Nixon.

Ms Ebanks also paid tribute to all chartered members and past presidents.

“I would like us to pay tribute to Lion Peter Balls and Lion Tommy Hurlston.

“Over the years presidents have chosen themes to impact their plans and aspiration for what is seemed to be the year. Some of these themes range from ‘Share the feelings of heroism’, ‘I am my brother’s keeper’, ‘Service from the heart’, ‘Make every opportunity count’ and ‘Use resources wisely’. Others include ‘Lift others in service’ to ‘Honouring our past, creating destiny and building our future’.”
Ms Ebanks said that these themes had taken the Club to greater heights and were impacting positively in the society.

“Our club enjoys a rich and blessed past and I asked my fellow Lions to commit themselves to the future of our organization. Fellow Lions, let us use tonight as the beginning of a new year of Lionism in the Cayman Islands,” she said.

John Ebanks who served as President 1995-96 and is the immediate Counsel Chairperson PCC MD 60 of Guyana, Suriname and all the 23 Island nations, said that he has been attending meetings since 22 October 1972 and has been a member installed since 23 March.

Through the club Mr Ebanks told Cayman Net News / Lifestyles of Cayman in an exclusive interview, that he has learnt to be a better person who neither gives up on what he sets out to do, nor waivers nor starts to think about side issues.

“We are going to pass on the good lessons learnt from our mentors to the youth so that they can be better citizens of the world.

“If you water a flower it grows and it blooms,” said Mr Ebanks. His motto was ‘Addressing the needs of the community’; he did not succeed in addressing all needs but said he was able to become a better citizen by empathising with those who were not as fortunate as he was.

After the president’s speech, the night moved to a moment where awards were given to various members. Among those who received awards included: Lee Ramoon, Adrian Neblett, Alfonso Wright and Lenny Hew, just to name a few.

As the awards ceremony ended, the party mood took over, and all in attendance sampled the various delicacies that had been prepared.

Before long couples took to their feet and were dancing the night away to the lovely music provided.

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Michelle A. McIntosh MJF:
Congratulations to the Lions Club of Grand Cayman. Continue to do the outstanding work you do in your community. I wish your Club the very best in the years to come.

Albun A Whittaker Jr.:
The correct name is Albun A. Whittaker Jr, not Albun H. Whittaker Jr.


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