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'Lifystyle Changes' A New Workout Studio

Published on Friday, October 9, 2009 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Kevin Shereves

A new health and fitness center in Grand Cayman is now offering one on one personal training specialising in strengthening and toning, target weight loss, post pregnancy training, and offers a nutritional guidance plan. Training is offered Monday to Saturday 5am – 8pm by appointment only.

Carl Higgins is a personal trainer certified by the International Sports Conditioning Association (ISCA) and recently opened ‘Lifestyle Changes’. Located at shop 7 Plaza Venezia in George Town. Lifestyle Changes is Cayman’s newest private health and fitness club. Opened only two months ago Lifestyle Changes is hoping to attract new clientele.

Personal Trainer Carl Higgins said, “At Lifestyle Changes we specialise in one on one personal training and toning. We also provide post pregnancy training and target weight loss as well as health and nutritional guidance plan.”

Mr Higgins is a certified personal trainer for over two years now he said, “I left a career in Real Estate to pursue my dream and true calling, which was to open a health and fitness centre. I received my (ISCA) accreditation through fitness connection in the United States.”

Mr Higgins related that he has been working out steadily since the days of his youth and decided to make a career of it because of his passion. “I have tried other jobs but at the end of the day, I found that I was bored and felt that I needed more. When I was in sales, I could not wait until the end of the day just so that I could get to work out. It’s my passion, my first love,” he said.

Higgins added, “If you make your hobby your job you will be very happy.”

Mr Higgins said that he has established a clientele in Grand Cayman but would like to take it a step further and make a name for himself by helping people achieve their weight loss goals. “I want to be known for helping people attain their weight loss goals. I used to provide personal training for folks in the privacy of their own homes before deciding to open up Lifestyle Changes. I saw a niche in having a private studio in the island.”

Higgins believes in the adage ‘No pain No gain’ he said, “Exercise is pure hard work. It should have a beginning but no end. When you have started working out you shouldn’t stop, because you will gain a lot in the long run. Our exercises are developed and conducted based on an individual’s personal training goals and needs.”

The studio, ‘Lifestyle Changes’ is fully equipped with state of the art ‘Body Solid’ equipment. Mr Higgins said, “We want to ensure good results through efficient workout so we acquired the latest in Body Solid equipment, which is a functional training center for the chest, legs, shoulders, hips, thighs, back and arms. Our Body Solid machines are great for shaping and toning”.

He added, “We offer specialised workouts including fly’s, leg exercises for strengthening, toning and weight loss, stretching and a variety of cardiovascular exercises.”

Mr Higgins recommends that you do at least three sessions per week at Lifestyle Changes he said, “Some people come here for the specialised workout and weight loss while others are here for the overall body toning.” He added, “My programme is challenging and will never bore you. Each session lasts one hour. We start with low reps and gradually work our way up.”

“Our training plan also includes a list of health and food guidelines for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After all, you are what you eat,” he said.

“If you are a couple, you can train together and still receive the one on one personalised training.”

Mr Higgins encourages everyone who is serious about loosing weight and improving their body image. “Weight training is important in order to build bone density. Many people focus on loosing weight but not actually body fat.”

He said, “ We will measure your body mass index (BMI) and tell you exactly what percentage is muscle and what percentage is fat. We will advise you according to your weight, age and height as to what your average weight should be.”

“We provide shower facilities and a towel service. You can also bring your own workout cd’s but we have soca, reggae, hip hop, jock jams, in addition to a wide variety of workout music.”

Higgins said that the exercise programmes provides a complete body exercise and is recommended every other day or three times per week. He said, “The one day rest enables your body to recover from the previous workout.”

He said, “Lifestyle Changes offers affordable rates that would suit anyone’s budget. We provide training for muscular endurance and definition and strength for power, overall fitness and well being.”

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