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Healthy habits for men

When it comes to health, men are represented in three key areas. Because exercise, sleep, and stress can be determining factors in keeping your weight in check, research shows that men are doing better than they have been in the past. In case you’re wondering, here are some ways women can benefit from thinking like a man when it comes to health. Researchers found men exercise almost twice as much as women. In general, health experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week in addition to two days of strength training. ...

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Women’s Health (Part I)

Balancing a career, family and a hectic schedule is the norm for many women. And, if there isn’t enough time in the day, the first thing to give up is yourself and your workout. From post pregnancy to menopause, women face many physiological changes that often feel overwhelming. Find out how to de-stress and relieve physical discomforts you may experience in different life stages with simple yoga poses. The standing yoga poses can be particularly beneficial to women in the first trimester of pregnancy and those experiencing menopause and osteoporosis because they are weight-bearing exercises that help strengthen muscles, increase muscle mass, improve or preserve bone mineral density and enhance balance to help reduce the risk of falling. ...

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Training makes a big difference in life

Some people define their life by their career, the amount in their bank account or their possessions, but, those things alone won’t make you truly happy in life. Instead, how you feel about your life is largely due to your mindset. Fit people are selfish with their time: One common denominator among people who are overweight and frustrated is that they do things for everyone else in their life but never take time for themselves! But, as a person who trains regularly, you are a little selfish with your time. You realise that you need time to workout to recharge your batteries and function on a high level in all areas of your daily life. ...

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Building your best upper body muscle and strength

Having a strong healthy body isn’t just about looking good. It’s about taking care of the one body you will have for the rest of your life. It’s important not only to develop your cardiovascular system and stay at a healthy weight, but also to build muscle strength to help support the skeleton. Upper body strength is important because of all the everyday tasks and demands we place on our arms, shoulders, and back. When your muscles are weak, you are more prone to aches and pains as well as potential injuries. The best way to protect your body from injury as well as diseases like osteoporosis is to strengthen the muscles and bones. Take the initiative to care for your body and it will thank you by developing a strong healthy system! ...

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Self-confidence is a beautiful thing

A client once told me that he had an important presentation in two weeks and I needed to make him feel like Superman by then. His presentation had nothing to do with fitness or bodybuilding, neither his audience. What is it that makes us feel so different and powerful when we lift weights? Does training impact our self esteem, not just the way we look? Yes, definitely! About a week ago, I was waiting for a client and I wasn’t in my greatest spirit, for no specific reason. I didn’t have time to do a workout, but, as soon as I walked in the gym my eyes were drawn to the pull up bar. ...

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More gain, no pain

If you are like most adults, especially if you played high impact sports when you were younger, you probably had some kind of injury which makes you reluctant to exercise and are a bit more sedentary than you would really want to be. An injury doesn’t have to stop you from ever training again. Physical therapy is crucial to recovery. Then, certain exercise modifications are appropriate to work around sensitive joints and make muscle gain with no pain. With the assistance of my client, Neil Armstrong, we show you how to modify basic exercises. ...

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